Cybersecurity & Healthcare IT

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Your practice is faced with the potential for a cybersecurity disaster on a regular basis. With the increased use of mobile devices, electronic medical records, and the internet, the healthcare industry has been propelled fully into the 21st century. However, with all of this progress comes risks; cybersecurity attacks are at an all-time high, and healthcare IT is at the greatest risk.

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"The efficiency of our workflow has increased dramatically once we implemented the system."

- Jesus, Practice Manager

Featured Customer

Northern Piedmont Counseling

We like the billing system and the ability to track things all in one site (as opposed to having to look at our clearinghouse's website). The customizable forms are great, and integrated credit card processing. The best part really has been the customer service/support.


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At InSync Healthcare Solutions, we're constantly improving the InSync EHR/EMR software. We're always pushing out updates to our secure cloud-based software. This brings you more intuitive features to make your practice more efficient, productive and keeps your data safe!


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