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      HIPAA Compliant and Fully Integrated

      Telemedicine Software

      Need a telehealth solution for your practice? With InSync, you can schedule appointments, email appointment links to patients, and launch a telehealth session all in one step and all in one HIPAA-compliant telemedicine software. 

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      Telehealth or Telemedicine?

      InSync is Ready Regardless

      HIPAA compliant telemedicine systems are a powerful tool that enables medical practices to be flexible with patient visits, while also prescribing medication electronically. If your practice doesn't have a prescriber, then telehealth is the preferred platform for your practice. Patients can visit the fully integrated patient portal that's dedicated to your practice and request their appointment be via telemedicine or even request a telehealth session without being previously scheduled. The InSync platform is ready to exceed expectations regardless.

      If a patient is out of reach, immobile, or just can't make it in for today's appointment the InSync telemedicine software is there to assist. Don't settle for less when it comes to reducing cancellations, speak to an expert today, and see how your practice can get InSync. 





      Why Use InSync's Telemedicine Software?

      There's never been a better time to allow your patients to have remote access to your providers.



      Watch a Brief Snapshot

      If you're not ready to schedule a demo but you'd like to see a video of the InSync telehealth software in action, click the button below and watch it now. 

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      Telehealth Billing

      Find out how your practice can remain compliant and keep collecting as requirements for claims become more stringent. Find out how the InSync EHR system comes equipped with the tools to automate your telemedicine medical billing

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      Easily Start Encounters

      With telemedicine by InSync Healthcare Solutions, you can prepare your encounter before ever launching the telemedicine conference. By separating the encounter and the telemedicine function you'll be able to prepare your notes before launching into the actual video-based encounter. 

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      Group Teletherapy

      Unlimited Participants

      If your practice offers group therapy, you can increase participation and participants with the InSync EHR system. Our system offers an unlimited number of participants meaning you can have anything from a small session to a full-sized webinar. 

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