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Schedule appointments, email appointment links to patients, and launch a telehealth session all in one step and all in one HIPAA-compliant telemedicine software.


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How Telemedicine Enhances Patient Care

Download the guide and get the five ways that telemedicine software is enhancing patient care. This comprehensive guide provides a detailed analysis of the telemedicine platform provided by InSync Healthcare Solutions.   

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Fully Integrated Telemedicine Software

Automate scheduling, billing, and enable flexibility for your medical practice. 

HIPAA compliant telemedicine is a powerful tool that will enable your practice to be flexible with patient visits. If a patient is out of reach, immobile, or just can't make it in for today's appointment the InSync telemedicine application is there to assist. Don't settle for less when it comes to patient security, speak to an expert today, and see how your practice can get InSync. 

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The most difficult part of starting a new telehealth platform is worrying about paying per minute. With InSync Healthcare Solutions' telehealth powered by a HIPAA compliant integration with Zoom, your medical practice is unlimited. 


With standard scheduling, patients can also request a future or on-demand telemedicine visit via the InSync patient portal. Providers can also forward the appointment adding additional providers into the session.


As the telehealth payer system becomes more stringent, it's important to have a system that can handle the medical billing requirements.  The InSync system brings automated billing to your practice with the dynamic rules engine. 


Our telehealth software is HIPAA compliant, so you and your patients don't have to worry about compromised data. To begin a session, an email and password provided by the organizer are required to join and all meetings are encrypted.

Why Telemedicine Software?

There's never been a better time to allow your patients to have remote access to your providers.


Patients prefer telehealth.

Telehealth Preferred

Using telehealth technologies reduces travel time and related stresses for the consumer. Over the past 15 years, multiple studies have documented consumer satisfaction and support for telehealth services.


Expanding telemedicine coverage.

Medicare Expansion

In rural areas, medicare covers physician services using videoconferencing and remote patient monitoring. Find the rules for your state by visiting the Center for Connected Health Policy. 

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Discover fully integrated telemedicine.

Full Integration

Offering telemedicine is the right thing to do. However, when implemented alone it can lead to frustrated staff as visits and billing are separated from the day-to-day operations.  With InSync telemedicine, you can offer remote treatment and have a clear view of its impact on your practice. 



"Because InSync makes it so easy, you literally just have to schedule a tele-session and press enter and the rest is done. The client literally gets an email that says, "Click here now." and a tele-session starts, so there's very little room for error." 

Dr. Matt

Telemedicine Billing

Find out how your practice can remain compliant and keep collecting as requirements for claims become more stringent. Find out how the InSync EHR system comes equipped with the tools to automate your telemedicine medical billing.  The dedicated patient portal allows for signatures, telemedicine scheduling, and for patient payments to be posted.

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Group Therapy

Unlimited Participants

If your practice offers group therapy, you can increase participation and participants with the InSync EHR system. Our system offers an unlimited number of participants meaning you can have a small session or a seminar. 



Any type of patient encounter can be configured for telemedicine.

You can create an encounter type for telemedicine effortlessly. As long as you have the encounter type created it's as easy as clicking an icon to start charting for that encounter type.  



Start a Session

Starting a visit is easy

With telemedicine by InSync Healthcare Solutions, you can prepare your encounter before ever launching the telemedicine conference. By separating the encounter and the telemedicine function you'll be able to prepare your notes before launching into the actual video based encounter.   




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