Client Success Stories

Meet our clients and hear in their own words how InSync Healthcare Solutions resolved their issues and helped improve their practice's efficiency and profitability.

Recovery Works Northwest Case Study

Recovery Works Northwest

When Recovery Works Northwest, a certified alcohol and drug treatment center in Oregon, implemented InSync two years ago, the practice had about 150 patients. After streamlining their charting, billing and scheduling into our fully-integrated system, the practice grew to more than 650 patients.

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Wisdom Traditions Centers Case StudyWisdom Traditions Centers

Wisdom’s prior server based application was creating a disconnect between the scheduling and billing systems. The disconnection was time consuming – Kimberly and other staff members would have to physically complete a paper audit each time they wanted to see if a bill was missed.

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Center for Psychological Development TestimonialCenter for Psychological Development

When a valued provider wanted to move to a nearby city, we were able to retain her because of InSync. We grew our business, opened a new location and are now providing services to an entirely new community.

- Caroline Curlin, Director/CEO

Capstone Behavioral Healthcare Case Study

Capstone Behavioral

We are much more hands-on, knowledgeable and informed about what’s going on in our business thanks to InSync's RCM tools. It’s all completely automated so we can be confident everything is done right.

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augusta psychological

Augusta Psychological Associates

The ability to have training here on site was the main reason that we signed with InSync and it made the transition for the providers much more palatable. InSync is willing to listen to requests and to implement them which has been refreshing. I would recommend InSync to other practices.

- Joanne Allison, Office Manager

krisma counseling

KRISMA Counseling

We were very impressed with InSync and their help with our transition from our old system to the new system. From the beginning the communication has been very thorough! We felt that we understood the process every step of the way! If we had it to do over again--we'd choose InSync to work with every time. 

- Annie Gibson, Executive Admin Assistant/Billing Supervisor

barrier islandsBarrier Islands Psychiatry

Customer support handled our busy office with ease and professionalism. She found solutions and even got the provider that was anti-electronic to start doing it. Love her!

 - Charlene Johnson, Medical Assistant

John Purnell

Dr. John C. Purnell, MD, SC

Although Dr. Purnell was seeing a lot of patients, he began to notice his reimbursements weren’t reflecting his work. Unfortunately, his prior healthcare technology vendor was no help. “I estimate that in the period of time that I used the prior company, I lost $50,000. That’s a lot of money.” said Dr. Purnell.

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summerville pt

Summerville Physical Therapy

With more than 25 years of experience, David Brungo, PT set out to start up his own private physical therapy practice. Thus was the start of Summerville Physical Therapy and Balance Rehabilitation for Adults. The practice, which is located in Summerville, SC, provides outpatient physical therapy services to adults 18 and over in the surrounding area.

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Piedmont Triad Family Medicine, PA

InSync has helped with the workflow of our practice by helping us meet our quality measures for CMS with Meaningful Use. They always update us on the changes and help us implement them.

Tammy Eanes, Practice Administrator

anxiety institute

Anxiety Institute

Wow! Jesher has been a God-send. He solved our processing problems by patiently demonstrating features and functionality we didn't know exist. Going above and beyond, he also offered to help revise the set-up current patients to improve process speeds and rectify our problems. Go Jesher. Thank you! 

- Linda Geiger, CEO

Randolph-Elkins Health Department

For any medical organization to be successful, high levels of efficiency in all pertinent areas of the practice is imperative. For the Randolph-Elkins Health Department, the staff was unfortunately experiencing inefficiency in billing, mainly due to the handwritten system that was in place.

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Atlantic Gastroenterology Associates

For nearly 20 years, Jan Delnero has been working at Atlantic Gastroenterology Associates and currently serves as the practice's Business Administrator. In the midst of her responsbilities handling all of the business aspects of the practice, it became clear that the clinic's medical transcription solution wasn't working anymore.

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dewan s khan

Dr. Dewan S. Khan, MD

The sticky note option is our favorite tool. We use it to remind patients of any testing they are due for.

Luisaury Ortiz, Office Manager

personal growth counseling

Personal Growth Counseling

InSync has helped us streamline our practice to free up valuable time in the work day. Having one EHR, billing software and e-prescriber has greatly reduced workflow within our office and made it easier to obtain productivity reports.

- Dr. Carole Lovell, PsyD, LCSW, NBCCH

Rhinebeck Foot Care

When Dr. John Zboinski determined his server based EMR was not meeting his needs, he went in search of a cloud based solution that could grow with his podiatry practice. He wanted his new system to be fully integrated with templates that could not only be customized to the needs of the practice but also to include many different specialties. After an exhaustive search, he determined that InSync EMR/PM was the best program to fit the needs of himself, his four office staff, and the practice’s two other providers.

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Northern Piedmont Counseling

So far Melissa and Jack have been great. So was Suzanne during the setup process. We are still learning, which is a struggle, but Jack has been in contact with us almost daily and we are getting the hang of it. Best features so far? Most of the really "cool" stuff we haven't even gotten into but we like the billing system and ability to track things all in one site (as opposed to having to look in our clearinghouse's website), customizable forms are great, and the integrated credit card processing to name a few. The best part really has been the customer service/support. 

Keith Cheney, Executive Director


Children's Place, Inc.

The InSync EMR system has improved the efficiency and organization of our practice in the short period of time. And, the staff has been incredibly accessible and knowledgeable in assisting with implementation. Our practice has been very pleased with the support and overall user-friendly design of InSync!

Mary Helen Simons, Clinical Director

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Integrative Counseling Services

InSync was FANTASTIC! We absolutely love the program. Their superuser trainings, as well as their onsite trainings have been extremely helpful! They are willing to look at how our office flows, and make that work with the program. We absolutely LOVE the notes feature - it has made doing notes so quick and easy. Very customizable, visual, and easy to use.

Rikki Ziegen, Assistant Director


South Texas Psychological Associates

The efficiency of our workflow has increased dramatically once we implemented the system. We have noticed a great improvement in the transparency of our billing process, which is a big change from what we had prior to this RCM service.

Jesus Botello Jr., Ph.D., Co-Owner

Fort Washington Medical Center

After arriving at FWMC earlier in the year as the Director of Health Information Management, John Cox quickly realized he needed to change the organization’s outsourced medical transcription service. The disappointment in the service was mainly due to its inefficiency and inferior technology.

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orbit billing

Orbit Billing Solutions

Our company has been with InSync for 10 years and we have watched the evolution of the PM system and the EMR system. They have surpassed where we ever anticipated they would be in 10 years. We look forward to the next 10 years. InSync understands the ever-changing system and the challenges providers face when trying to stay current with these changes. InSync evolves continually and uses various methods to keep providers in the know regarding the changes and updates. Their customer service is the best and their EMR trainer, Christine Reilly is the best in the market.

Mary Bates, Owner


community lighthouse

The Community Lighthouse

InSync does a much better job of treating their customers like partners. They will listen to your needs and implement changes to improve the software for you. Looks good, easy to use, lots of options and combustibility, cloud based, great on mobile, updated often, and affordable. After using Medisoft and Greenway, InSync is by far the best software with the best customer support.

Pierce Ferriegel, CEO


Multicultural Care Centers

I'm the CEO of a Community Mental Health Center with multiple programs and sites and growing. This software has the capability to grow with us which is great. I would recommend this product to similar programs, small or large. This system is very user friendly! Our staff has varying degrees of computer skills and they all felt comfortable using the system after the training. Our system needed to be customized due to the diverse programming we provide and they were able to accommodate. This is great product!

Beatriz Hadley, CEO

Bussey PT

Bussey Physical Therapy

I had the pleasure of working with Michael as my Implementation specialist. Whenever I had an issue, he was immediately working to get it resolved. He made the experience transitioning from a different EMR company a very smooth one! Thank you.

Ricky Bussey, Owner


Limitless Options

We are very pleased with the implementation of our new EMR with Insync. Ashley our trainer was very informative and knowledgeable on every aspect of the training process. She took the time to communicate with us on anything we had questions about and addressed them in a timely manner. The system is very user friendly and laid out in a manner that is easy to understand.

- Ryan Nelson, Clinic Director

Dynamic pt

Dynamic Physical Therapy

InSync has been such a great addition to our therapy practice! We feel we are more efficient using this program and it saves us time by having everything we need at the touch of a button. Anytime we have questions, not very often, but when we do, the support staff is always ready to help. We would highly recommend InSync to all practitioners!

- Tammy Consbruck, Clinic Owner