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      Internal Medicine EMR

      The fastest software for patient encounters, available in an EMR.

      With the InSync EMR, your internal medicine practice has everything it needs to work productively on a single platform. The InSync internal medicine EMR is configurable down to the individual users. Allowing providers to customize their dashboards to a style that functions best for their rounds. With full medical billing, scheduling, charting, and even telehealth. This is the EMR that was built for your practice.

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      Fully Integrated

      Internal Medicine EMR

      Save Time, Help Patients

      InSync's end-to-end software saves practices valuable time without sacrificing the quality of patient care. Built on a highly configurable and user-friendly system, internal medicine providers are able to implement a solution that works with their practice's unique needs. With the InSync cloud-based EHR platform you can take advantage of included e-prescribe ensuring your patients get the correct medication reducing the risk of drug interaction and allergic reaction.


      Zero hardware management & maintenance. More secure, safer, more stable. 

      Fully Integrated

      Your entire practice, running efficiently on 1 software platform.


      Medical billing, appointment reminders, and waitlist notifications.


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      Internal Medicine Practice Management Software

      InSync Healthcare Solutions has developed internal medicine practice management software that completely integrates with the EHR to create a completely connected practice. The software provides accountability and easy adaptability, ensuring every patient is seen and every patient is billed, with lower denial rates. The practice management dashboard handles charges, payments, adjustments, cash flow, and more.




      Internal Medicine Billing Software

      Every practice needs a billing solution to generate and submit claims. Our software will help ensure your practice is reimbursed through electronic remittance and that every dollar is properly accounted for. Lower denials and increased revenue, check. All on whichever devices your practice approves of thanks to cloud-based technology.


      A configurable scheduler lets providers adjust their calendar view and organize appointments.


      Choose from reports including scheduling, patient lists, financials, reconciliations, and billing.

      Appointment Reminders

      Delivered to patients via their preferred method and their responses are recorded right in the scheduler.


      Conduct patient visits and assessments online and note your visit all in a single platform.


      Send prescriptions directly to your patient's pharmacy of choice securely with fully integrated eRX.

      Patient Registration

      Capture new patients directly on your practice website. The integrated patient portal can enroll new patients.

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