Revenue Cycle Management

Improve business performance with InSync’s concierge revenue cycle management services, tailored to your practice.

A full-service RCM provider

Your practice’s financial health is our top priority, so patients can be yours.

Our RCM offerings are more comprehensive than a simple billing service. With great attention to detail, complete transparency and a dedicated team of RCM consultants, we align our services to the unique needs and setup of your practice.

RCM Consulting

With 45-plus years of RCM experience on our staff, our consultants are well-equipped to enhance your practice’s revenue. This includes:

  • Revenue cycle assessment
  • Performance improvement planning and support
  • Patient accounting system evaluation and optimization
  • Management services organization development
  • Provider-based billing transition support

Through our proactive approach, we not only submit claims for your practice, but educate staff on why claims are being denied and how to overcome those barriers in the future so our clients are best positioned for long-term financial success.

“InSync is so simple and easy-to-use, but still encompasses everything we need in a revenue cycle management solution."

- Dr. Francis Vesci, Chiropractic Center of New Britain


AR Cleanup

A more efficient accounts receivable department means a more profitable practice. We partner with your billing office to manage AR and help:

  • Purge old data
  • Collect from recurring patients
  • Provide data on collections trends

Our team aligns with your practice’s policies and procedures for greater transparency and to ensure an effective, efficient AR cleanup process.

chart entitled "Total A/R decline" showing an average growth of 20% over 120 days


Click here to learn how InSync helped Capstone Behavioral Health drop their A/R over 120 days from 20 percent to 11.6 percent. 


Denial Management

Most RCM services will just tell you about your denied claims. At InSync, we do much more for your practice. We leverage our experience in healthcare, billing and consulting to partner with your practice and uncover the “why” behind your claim denials.

Our clients receive:

  • Analysis of denial trends and real-time reports on denial data
  • Recommendations on how to fix individual denied claims
  • Process improvements to eliminate recurring denials before they happen
  • Insight and intelligence into the financial health of their practice

InSync manages the entire claim denial process, lifting the burden off our clients and working to lower denial rates to an industry-best 2%.


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