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Practice Management Software That Bills, Schedules, Manages, Collects

Get more done with medical practice management software that allows your practice to become more efficient and productive.

With a fully integrated service like the InSync medical practice management software, you'll be able to handle everything from appointment reminders, superbill, and more. The medical billing software allows for the entire practice to be connected, efficient, and secure.  



Capture New Patients

new patient registration and appointment request demo video

Watch the video above and see how your medical practice's website can work in tandem with the InSync EHR to capture new patients and keep their PHI secure.

A Complete Practice Management System


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Your medical practice management tools don't have to be siloed off in a separate system.

Gain access to a full suite of healthcare solutions for specialties ranging from behavioral health to physical therapy, and internal medicine all the advanced functionality of a fully integrated EHR system. It's all there, fully-integrated on a single cloud-based, HIPAA compliant system.

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Fully Integrated

One Platform

No more paying for multiple systems and no more duplicating data entry!

Growth Accelerator

Grow quickly as your entire practice works cohesively on a single system.

Cloud Safety

With a cloud-based system your PHI remains accessible regardless of your local forecast.

Auto Import Charges

Charges import into the practice management software from the EMR software overnight. The billing team only needs to review and correct any charges that did not pass configurable edits.

Batch Eligibility Verification

From the appointment scheduler, you can easily create a batch and then, via a scheduled job, send that batch to the clearinghouse for eligibility to be ready for review daily.

Patient Cost Estimator

Easily answer the question, "How much will this cost me?" The system allows you to create an estimate of services to be documented and printed for patients to receive.

Claims Processing

Send claims to our clearinghouse in a batch or individually by provider, facility, payer. All through the practice management software.


Practice Management Software Features

Consistently updated features and functionalities For your entire medical practice.

With so many configurable features it's easy to see why more medical practice managers are choosing InSync Healthcare Solutions. Providers love the InSync system too, with the 3-Minute Encounter they can handle patient charting without all the hassle and documentation they've come to expect.

Our medical practice management software can be adjusted to fill in the gaps of coverage that your practice requires. With clean reports, an easy-to-use scheduler, and our configurable dashboard, our practice management solution works alongside your established workflows, not against them. Your own practice website can connect with the InSync EHR and allow new patients to register and schedule appointments which are then directly linked to their patient records. This means no duplication of data entry, the patients fill out their required forms, even your own custom forms, and everything is ready and waiting for office staff to welcome them to the practice when they arrive for their scheduled appointment. 

Improving billing efficiency by 75%

Case Study: Randolph-Elkins Health Department

For any medical organization to be successful, high levels of efficiency in all pertinent areas of the practice are imperative. For the Randolph-Elkins Health Department, the staff was, unfortunately, experiencing inefficiency in billing. Mainly due to the handwritten system that was in place.

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InSync has helped us streamline our practice to free up valuable time in the workday. Having one EHR, billing software and e-prescriber has greatly reduced workflow within our office and made it easier to obtain productivity reports.
lnSync's practice management software is wonderful, they work with us and help us to cross any barriers, and continually strive to make their product better and better, bottom line.
We were also doing billing by hand, and now we're completely freed up thanks to InSync. As we conduct an encounter, the system automatically handles the appropriate billing tasks, which saves us a lot of time.

Patient Check-In Kiosk

A device-agnostic solution that's included with your practice management system. 

A front desk is a busy place. Safeguard your patients and front office staff by installing a patient check-in kiosk. With the InSync check-in kiosk your patients can check-in, fill out forms, and more. 

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Connect With Patients

The InSync EHR easily connects with your practice's website, allowing you to gain new patients through a powerful integration.  Patients seeking help can filter their appointment requests by office location, provider, gender, languages spoken, and date/time.

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Medical Billing Software

With a fully integrated practice management system you'll not only get all of the features found only in the best practice management software but also fully automated medical billing processes so you get paid faster. The InSync practice management and medical billing software are designed not only for speed but efficiency. Transmit claims directly to the clearinghouse and post multiple claims with one click! 

Batch Payment Posting

Easily create batch payments to save time. This feature and many more are available in the InSync practice management and billing software.


InSync-Healthcare-Solutions-Practice-Management-Batch Payments


Our system will automatically reduce the patient portion down to the sliding fee schedule rate. You can create flexible fee schedules based on payer, provider, or facility!

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Mental Health Practice Management Software

See why the InSync EHR and practice management software is the best billing software for therapists. In addition to creating a best in class automated billing solutions for mental health professionals, our software also allows for telehealth sessions, scheduling, and appointment reminders. 

billing software for mental health professionals

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