Pediatric Telemedicine

On an EHR With Automated Billing, Scheduling, and the ability to launch a telehealth session all in one step on one HIPAA compliant system.

Give your patient families access to pediatric telemedicine visits without putting themselves or your other patients and staff at risk. Patients across the country are anxious and restricted because of COVID-19. To help pediatric practices continue to deliver patient care, InSync Healthcare Solutions offers an easy to use, easy to implement telehealth service with added automation and scheduling features.

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In as little as 24-hours turnaround time, you'll enable your practice with the ability to:

  • Reach patients regardless of distance, mobility, or restrictions.

  • See your patients, for as long as you need, with unlimited minutes.

  • Schedule, invite and launch an appointment from a single system.

  • Powered by Zoom's HIPAA compliant integration.

Get started now and help keep the health and safety of your team and patients your number one priority.


Pediatric Telemedicine Software Demo

See how easy it is to schedule a pediatric telemedicine appointment in a fully integrated, HIPAA-compliant system. 

Telemedicine Scheduler

Keep Pediatric Appointments Organized 

With fully integrated practice management features your telemedicine scheduling experience is all within reach. View your entire day or filter to only show telemedicine visits.


Telemedicine + EHR

Log Patient Charts Easily

Take the system a step further and enjoy practice management and EHR capabilities. Rapidly chart, report and prescribe electronically. View the full capabilities of the InSync Pediatric EMR solution here. 


Pediatric Practice Management

You can enhance your practice just by adding telemedicine but if you find you're also lacking efficiency we also offer complete practice management solutions. Learn about all of the advanced features offered in the pediatric practice management software


Automated Billing

Create and send claims automatically and get auto import and auto-generate with the InSync system. With the rules engine, your practice can set up rules dictating how claims are auto-generated ensuring no errors. 

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The Complete Pediatric Practice Software Package 

The InSync pediatric EHR/EMR and practice management software has been built from the ground up to meet the specific needs of pediatric practices. To learn about all its features and capabilities, visit the pediatric EMR page by clicking the button below.

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