Pediatric EHR/EMR

A fully integrated pediatric EHR solution.

InSync’s pediatric EMR is designed to simplify charting, improve clinical efficiency, and allow pediatricians and their providers to focus on what is most important – the patient.

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Fully Integrated Pediatric EHR/EMR

Fully connected and efficient practice 

The InSync EMR creates a fluid and connected practice. With configurable scheduler views for multiple providers, appointment reminders, secure internal communications, automated billing, and billing features like the auto-import there's more than a few ways the InSync pediatric EHR can improve your medical practice.

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Why Switch?

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  • Patient Portal

    With the InSync system, the patient's parent or guardian can fill out custom forms, make a payment, and initialize a telemedicine appointment. All within a single interface for both patient and provider. There's no smoke and mirrors for patients and their families it's all hosted on a single system. 

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  • Rapid Patient Charting

    The InSync Pediatrics system allows for rapid patient charting, allowing you to record patient notes with speed and precision you can't find anywhere else. From patient check-in to patient charting, the fully integrated EHR and practice management system allows for incomparable speed and efficiency.


  • Growth Charting

    The InSync EHR easily graphs a patient's growth metrics over time. Print our a percentile graph for patient families to take home after an annual check-up with ease. 

  • Immunization Records

    Easy access to immunization records. See at-a-glance shots that are overdue and upcoming. If an unscheduled vaccine is necessary the InSync pediatric EHR lets you add the immunization. 

  • Pediatric Telemedicine

    Give your patient base access to easy telemedicine appointments. Give your providers pediatric telemedicine appointments that generate a billable encounter when the visit begins. The system also offers on-demand visits that a patient family can request from the fully-integrated patient portal. 

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  • Automated Billing

    With the InSync EHR system, manual billing practices are a thing of the past. Our dedicated rules engine allows for providers to move through an encounter without needing a comprehensive understanding of medical coding to progress through the software during a patient visit. When you switch to the InSync EHR software you'll be unlocking an automated medical billing software that automatically creates a billable claim at the start of each patient visit. 


Creating The Best Pediatric EMR Software

Working with healthcare providers across the United States InSync Healthcare Solutions has created a pediatric software solution from the ground up. With a fully-integrated platform, the feature set is abundant. 


Chart immunizations, see upcoming and past due shots, or add unscheduled vaccines. 


Easily chart vitals quickly from the face sheet. Customizable to display the information you need to see.

Growth Charts

Easily track and share growth charts with BMI, height, weight, and head circumference data.


Reach your patients at home and create a billable encounter automatically.

Fully Integrated Pediatric EMR Software

Manage your entire pediatric practice from a single cloud-based EHR. The InSync EHR/EMR allows for rapid charting, telemedicine, e-prescribing, automated claims management, and more.  Manage provider schedules, customize dashboards, and upload custom forms all on one pediatric software solution. 



Pediatric Growth Chart

Visualize and Share

Easily view and share growth charts with patient families from any Internet-connected mobile device. View growth percentiles by weight, BMI, height, and head circumference. All of the growth charts are exportable and printable. 


Immunization Records

Easy Immunization Charting

Keep up to date with an easy to access view of your patient's immunization records. The color-coded immunization chart shows upcoming and past-due shots. If necessary, add an unscheduled vaccination.


Pediatric Vitals

Customizable Vitals Charting

Providers can access the vitals quickly through the face sheet. They can then collect additional information and can even configure the display to clean up the display to only see the information that matters. 


Pediatric Telemedicine

Seamless Integration

Give your patient families access to your practice regardless of location and mobility. The InSync pediatric telemedicine platform allows practices to offer on-demand telemedicine visits through its fully integrated patient portal. Automated billing means a billable claim is generated upon the start of the telemedicine visit.

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Pediatric Medical Billing

More than pediatric medical charts

With the InSync Healthcare Solutions EHR platform, your pediatrics practice can grow with fully integrated practice management, complete medical billing, and electronic medical records system. 


Rules Engine

Set up InSync Healthcare Solutions' automated solution to medical billing and providers will no longer need to slow down in the middle of their busy schedule to wrestle with medical billing. The system is set up with a rules engine to make life easier for the biller.


Automatically Create & Send Claims

Whether you're starting a telemedicine encounter or an in-patient visit, the InSync EHR will automatically create a billable claim. Once created the system can send the claim for you as well! 

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