Patient Portal Software

Patients can schedule appointments, review lab results, pay medical bills, fill out forms, and add their signature through a single fully integrated patient portal.


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How Telemedicine Enhances Patient Care

Download the guide and get the five ways that telemedicine is enhancing patient care. This comprehensive guide provides a detailed analysis of the telemedicine platform provided by InSync Healthcare Solutions.   

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Patient Portal Software

Collect payments, signatures, and more. 

The patient portal software connects patients with practices and enhances efficiency. 

A fully integrated, HIPAA compliant patient portal gives patients unprecedented levels of access to their provider. For medical practices, it dramatically increases productivity. Reducing reliance on in-person visits and phone calls, while bringing the practice into compliance with the CURES Act for patient information. For example, with our assessments, providers can assign an assessment to a patient who can then fill it out remotely via the patient portal website. For more info click the video to the left, it will expand across your screen for optimal viewing. 


Patients can request in-person appointments or a telemedicine visit via the InSync patient portal. 


Patients are legally required to have full access to their lab results. This patient portal checks that box.


Allow your patients to be safe at home and still provide their signature through your patient online portal.  

Self Registration

Patients can register and request an appointment window for scheduling.

Why You Need A Patient Portal.

Find out why you need to integrate a patient portal for your practice.

Patient portal promotes social distance

Educating your patients online.

Patient Education

With a dedicated patient online portal you can offer educational documents online. Creating a library of knowledge for your patients to use has never been easier. 


Speed through in-person visits.

Speed & Efficiency

With the InSync patient portal, patients can fill out your custom forms and provide their signatures. Fewer patients filling out forms in the lobby means faster check-ins and less exposure for immune-compromised patients.  


A fully integrated software platform.

Full Integration

Your patient portal offers ease of access to your practice by being fully integrated into your practice management and EHR software.


Educate. Schedule. Bill.

Keep patients informed, on-time, and responsible.

The InSync patient portal allows patients to be on time with payments, to be educated on their condition and to request appointments through the online interface.  


Telemedicine Ready

Starting a visit is easy

With available telemedicine software by InSync Healthcare Solutions, patients can request an on-demand telemedicine appointment. Patients and providers no longer need to worry about patient mobility and available transportation in order to make appointments happen on schedule. 




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