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      Integrated Patient Check-in Kiosk

      Increased efficiency, productivity, and happier waiting rooms are possible.

      Remove the requirements of your front desk personnel by adding a fully integrated, hardware-agnostic patient check-in kiosk. Removing the one-on-one check-in process increases your practice's ability to see patients quickly and efficiently. 

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      Easy, Affordable, Agnostic


      Reduce Patient Stress at Check-In

      With a patient check-in kiosk, not only is your office staff less stressed but your patients are as well. A patient's ability to recall health information, medication, and allergies is more easily recalled when they're under less stress. 

      Your Hardware

      The patient check-in kiosk is hardware agnostic. You decide how to implement it.


      The kiosk uses your practice logo and forms, our software runs in the background. 

      Fully Integrated

      Deeply tied to the InSync EHR and practice management software.

      Quick, Easy, Efficient

      Patient Check-In Kiosk Process

      See how a patient check-in kiosk can benefit your practice! Click each box below to learn more. 

      step 1

      A patient logs into the system.

      Patient Login

      The system is set up to identify the patient using their first name, last name, and birthdate.  

      step 2

      They verify their account is correct.

      ID Verification

      The check-in kiosk then asks them to verify that the information provided is linked to the correct patient record. 

      step 3

      They review their information and check-in.

      Patient Account Review

      The patient is then asked if they have any changes to insurance or address. If yes is chosen a form is opened and they are able to add/edit the information from the kiosk.  


      Shorter Lines

      When your patients are waiting in line just to wait on your receptionist your practice is not running as efficiently as possible. By adding a patient check-in kiosk you end the reliance on a one-on-one interaction for each patient that enters your practice. By allowing patients to handle their own check-in a more relaxed waiting room experience is created.   




      When we say, "fully integrated" we mean it. Check-in, PM and EHR are all connected.


      Free up the front desk to take payments and answer calls.

      Ease of Access

      Patients are able to easily access address and insurance information and update it.



      With the fully integrated InSync system, your front desk practice management staff will be connected with your providers working within the EHR software. When everyone works within the InSync system communication issues vanish and productivity surges. 

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      Providers spend an average of 17-24 minutes per patient encounter. The average wait for a patient in the waiting room is 18 minutes. With the InSync system's advanced industry methodology, you'll be able to chart your patient notes in three minutes in most common situations and reduce patient wait times due to check-in. 



      The InSync system allows faster, more efficient patient visits with billing and visit codes automatically transmitted within the system. In addition, the InSync system's fully integrated practice management software offers the ability to custom configure dashboards for providers and practice managers. 

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