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      InSync, by Qualifacts, is a leading EHR and healthcare solutions provider

      Advanced technology, best-in-class partnerships, and proven business processes.



      Exciting update in our journey as a leading EHR software!

      In December 2021 we joined the Qualifacts organization. Our clients can still rely on the top-rated InSync software and support they know and trust, as we leverage this synergy to accelerate innovation and bring more value to our clients.

      Qualifacts is one of the largest behavioral health and human services electronic health record (EHR) vendors in the country. Its mission is to partner with customers to support and extend their ability to deliver quality care and improve the lives of the clients they serve. With more than 20 years of experience, its products and services help customers achieve interoperability goals, optimize efficiency, improve productivity, and maximize reimbursement.

      The company offers multiple EHR solutions (CareLogic, Credible, and now InSync) to clinics and practices serving over 10 million patients in all 50 states. You can read more about this new partnership here.

      Continue reading about the history and evolution of InSync

      Founded as a medical transcription company in 2002, InSync Healthcare Solutions has grown into a leading medical software and services provider that delivers MU-3 certified electronic medical records, practice management, revenue cycle management, and medical transcription solutions to practices and agencies across all 50 states. InSync achieved this through investment in technology and commitment to improving efficiencies, streamlining office workflows, and optimizing clinical experiences for providers and their patients.

      When InSync first began developing their EMR software, it was created with general practice healthcare providers in mind. They quickly realized that mental health providers also needed software tailored to their specific workflows, that a one-size-fits-all EMR wouldn’t cut it. This struck a chord with Roland Therriault, InSync’s President.

      For him, building a product that supported mental health providers was personal, inspired by a team of providers whose care helped recover a family member from dire circumstances and returned him to his family and a productive life.

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      "From that moment forward, I promised myself and my family that I would make a difference,” says Therriault, “and I think we made that difference when we built software to support mental health and substance abuse practices.”

      InSync has since continued to develop its software for practices that need a specialty-specific EHR, listening to feedback from the providers themselves to create specialized content for OB/GYNs, physical, speech, and occupations therapists, internists, pediatricians, community behavioral health agencies, and residential treatment centers.

      Today, InSync is a leading developer of fully integrated, cloud-based, and interoperable software for thousands of medical, behavioral health, and rehabilitation practices nationwide.

      InSync’s configurable software includes integrated charting, billing, scheduling, reporting, and telehealth in a single, intuitive system with features that also include:

      • A mobile-friendly interface that enables access from anywhere at any time and on any device.

      • Automated claims management and insurance eligibility verification.

      • A patient portal that expedites self-registration, appointments, and e-prescriptions while enabling patient access to lab results and health records.

      • Integrated with state interfaces for compliance and reporting requirements to meet the needs of non-profits, agencies, and government entities.

      “I believe that today we’re the best-equipped EHR and PM company in the industry,” says Therriault, citing InSync’s success in the first-time buyer market, and in displacing legacy systems.

      With best-in-class partnerships, proven business processes, and full transparency to our certification information, InSync’s pride in product extends to its commitment to satisfied clients for the lifetime of the relationship.

      Several top software evaluators have lauded InSync’s excellence in the EHR/EMR categories of practice management, mental health, medical billing, documentation, and ePHI storage, plus customer satisfaction and usability in telemedicine, and “best pick” for medical transcription services.

      “While awards and recognition are always exciting to receive,” says Therriault, “our biggest accolades come directly from our clients.” You can hear from our clients yourself in these success stories or learn about our awards and recognition.





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