EHR & Practice Management Software for Obstetricians & Gynecologists

To better meet the needs of OB/GYN practices, InSync has created a specialized version of its electronic health record & practice management software, as well as revenue cycle management services.

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Like any medical practice, an OB/GYN clinic needs the right tools to help providers deliver optimal patient care and keep patients on a path of good health.

The templates, care, and services provided at an OB/GYN practice differ greatly from those found at a less-specialized office. If a practice is relying on an inflexible or overly-generic EMR system, they may find themselves ready to switch to a system better equipped to meet their needs.

Making the right EMR decision is a key one for a practice’s continued success and client satisfaction.

With this in mind, InSync has created a specialized version of its EHR, PM, and RCM software to better meet the needs of OB/GYN practices.

EHR • PM • RCM Specifically Tailored To Your Practice

Electronic Health Records

OB/GYN providers can spend more time with patients and increase clinical efficiency with our cloud-based, easily customizable EHR solution. With easily adjusted templates and forms, all aspects of the EHR can be coded for complete customization. 

Focused on women’s healthcare, InSync’s OB/GYN-specific EHR solution includes the following features:

  • Antenatal Flowsheets

  • A Patient Portal that gives patients access to all of their relevant health information, any time of day

  • Telemedicine capabilities, providing a link between provider and patient even outside of the office

  • Important educational items for patients, no matter what sort of OB/GYN treatment they’re receiving

  • Authorization per visit or unit, which permits patients to come in for treatment and visit at the same time

  • Notes with an easy-to-read paper look and feel

Practice Management

InSync’s practice management solution creates a completely connected practice through a seamless integration with the EMR software. Not only does InSync maximize front-office efficiency, but it provides accountability by ensuring every patient is seen and every patient is billed.

Enabling up-to-date scheduling for patient and provider alike, InSync’s PM software has the following features:

  • Template-driven charting

  • Intake forms that can be filled out via the Patient Portal pre-appointment

  • Visit cap tracking to help practices avoid overbooking and double-scheduling

  • Rate Codes focused on common OB/GYN-specific codes

  • Multi-provider Fee Scheduler ensuring that providers’ payment schedules are accurate and up-to-date

  • Payroll Reporting, allowing administrators to accurately track patients’ payments

  • Appointment Reminders that can be scheduled across text messages, phone, and email confirmations

Revenue Cycle Management

OB/GYN clinics need to be able to focus on their patients, not worry about billing. To help in this goal, InSync created our RCM solution, specifically designed to meet the needs of OB/GYN practices. Crafted in-house, it integrates seamlessly with our EHR and PM solutions. With features selected particularly to make the lives of OB/GYNs easier, our solution includes:

  • A multi-level audit system designed to submit a clean claim the first time

  • An efficient and thorough review system

  • The guarantee that an Account Manager is assigned to each and every client


Across numerous specialties, telemedicine offers rural, immobile, or simply too-busy-to-visit patients a way to communicate their health concerns and conditions to their providers. For OB/GYN professionals in particular, these types of telemedicine visits can aid a wide variety of patients, including both low-risk and high-risk obstetric patients, to follow-up gynecological visits that don’t require a patient’s physical presence.

With this in mind, InSync has included a Telemedicine feature to better enable our clients to provide these services to their patients. Through our video vendor, Zoom, InSync’s telemedicine feature offers the following:

  • An easy-to-follow link through Zoom that allows for instant video conference with providers
  • Access from anywhere in the world
  • The ability to host multiple providers in one video-call
  • Zoom’s compatibility with all devices, including PCs, Macs, tablets, and SmartPhones
  • Easy access found through InSync’s Patient Portal
  • The ability to request appointments through the Patient Portal
  • Email notifications when appointments are scheduled and when they begin

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