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      Medical Credentialing Services

      Your all-purpose, single point of contact physician credentialing solution. 

      InSync Healthcare Solutions offers full-service medical credentialing. We complete all necessary credentialing requirements, applications, and other requested items.  And we stay involved in the credentialing process until our clients' providers or clinicians are enrolled and receive an effective date, approval letters, and/or contracts and fee schedules. We'll provide you with copies of all contracts, fee schedules, and other documents in a digital or paper format where applicable. We'll also notify you of any re-certifications with an expiration date reminder.

      Once completed, we're still with you, completing all applications, including EFT and/or ERA setup. We'll also assist in the expansion of your practice by managing the credentialing for new locations. 


      Healthcare Credentialing Services

      The InSync Healthcare Solutions Credentialing Service stays involved in the process until your providers are enrolled and receive an effective date, approval letters, and/or contracts and fee schedules.

      At InSync Healthcare Solutions we assist our clients with the expansion of their businesses by managing credentialing for new locations and providers. We will complete all required applications, including EFT and/or ERA setup if required by the payer for credentialing.

      Application Diligence

      We partner with you to ensure a smooth process. We follow all payer applications and contracts through to the contract load date.

      Payer Applications

      We complete and submit all of the payer applications on behalf of our clients. Keeping them error free and on time.


      We provide our clients with copies of contracts, fee schedules, and other documents in paper or digital formats.

      Privileging Requirements

      We can optionally complete all hospital privileging requirements. 


      We secure contracts for clients in their chosen marketplace.

      PAR ID's +

      We will provide you with your PAR IDs and your effective date(s) once they are issued. 

      Frequently Asked Medical Credentialing Questions


      Annual Maintenance Updates Include

      • Notifications of re-credentialing rates
      • CAQH re-attestation and maintenance
      • Medicare/Medicaid revalidation
      • DEA/DPS/CDS new/expiration reminders
      • Address updates/changes
      • General liability expiration reminders
      • Health plan credentialing re-credentialing
      • Malpractice expiration reminders
      • Medical license expiration reminders
      • Worker compensation credentialing
      • New NPI / NPI Maintenance
      • Termination of participating health plans / Termination of provider from existing group/plan(s)
      • Hospital privileging and re-appointments (optional)
      • Anything with an expiration date reminder that is required by the payor to maintain credentialing, such as CPR certification, etc.
      • Telehealth medicine credentialing
      • Lab enrollment services (CLIA)
      • Anything with an expiration date reminder (CPR cert. etc.)

      InSync Healthcare Solutions Medical Credentialing

      Saving time can mean everything, whether you're expanding your business or just getting started with one. You need your providers to get to work as soon as possible. One incorrect or missing piece of information can invalidate your entire submission. Why risk doubling the amount of time you have to spend on a project like this when you can have us handle it for you?


      A Personal Touch

      Each InSync medical credentialing service client is teamed with a primary point of contact. Our dedicated credentialing professionals work together with your practice to ensure a successful outcome.  


      Breaking Down The Basics

      We simplify modern credentialing by breaking down the major payers, benefits, best practices, most common issues, and more. We'll keep you informed through every step of the medical credentialing process.

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      DIY Has Zero ROI

      How much is your time worth? If you value it, it's worth more than the hours you'll spend taking care of everything required for medical credentialing yourself. Let our skilled experts handle your healthcare credentialing, and start getting paid sooner. 


      Let us be the answer to your payers.

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