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Medical Billing Software

Medical billing software dedicated to accurate, on-time reimbursement for self-directed caretakers in Medicaid and private Consumer Directed Care programs.

The InSync practice management and EHR system enables billers to submit clean claims. Reduce denials with the reliable and automated medical billing software solution.

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Medical Billing Rules Engine

Watch an overview of the InSync automated medical billing system. The InSync medical billing rules engine is software that ensures clean claims and automates the medical billing process. 

automated medical billing system  by InSync Healthcare Solutions

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Medical Billing Software


Automated billing software designed to help your practice grow.

Modernize your medical office with the InSync Healthcare Solutions fully integrated medical billing platform. Transmit claims directly to the clearinghouse and post multiple claims with a single click! Reduce denials with a fully automated medical billing software solution.   

Claim Statuses & ERAs

Claim statuses and ERAs come directly back into InSync.

Patient Statements

Send patient statements electronically. 

InSync Auto Claims

Let InSync auto-generate and auto-transmit claims for you.

Save Time With These Features

Learn more about InSync Healthcare Solutions' medical billing software. Click each box to learn more.



Auto Transmit

Automatically transmit the claims to the clearinghouse. You no longer have to do separate work for the claim to go to the clearinghouse. 


Single Click ERA

Single Click ERA

With InSync medical billing software you can post multiple claims with a single click on the ERA screen! 


Rules Engine

Rules Engine

Preconfigure the rules engine to your specifications so that claims go out the way you need them to. 

Automated Medical Billing Software

Tired of dealing with under coding procedures or do you feel like your underbilling? The InSync Healthcare Solutions medical billing rules engine software alleviates those concerns. Configurable by each practice your rules determine the actions the software takes. Automating your billing also means there's no more manual billing required. With your custom configuration you can control the level of automation your practice relies on, the software doesn't force you to go in any direction you're not ready to. 

What can the right medical billing software do?

With the InSync EHR platform, medical billing is deeply connected with the rest of the system. Bridge the divide between practice management, medical billing, and medical charting with a single cloud-based software that communicates information effectively across the practice. 

Get medical billing software that can...

  • Automate medical billing
  • Electronically send patient statements
  • Run auto-eligibility checks
  • Post multiple claims with a single click



Drowning In Claims? 

Our comprehensive medical billing software has everything your medical practice needs to get back on track. Downsizing? Ask about what InSync Healthcare Solutions has available to outsource your medical billing. 

Keep your head above water.

Schedule a brief call and discover how InSync Healthcare Solutions can help. 

Discover a more connected, more efficient medical billing software or get connected to an expert to outsource your revenue cycle management. 

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