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Therapy Notes Software

Meet the EHR/EMR software that allows mental health professionals to quickly and efficiently take therapy progress notes.

Your previous session went over and you've been double-booked more times than you can count. Now you're stressed out looking for your therapy notes and schedule to help make sense of your day and get your patients the treatment they need. Meet the therapy notes software that speeds up progress notes, automates billing, adds telepsychiatry, and scheduling. 

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Therapy Notes on The Best EHR/EMR for Mental Health

Take Notes Quickly and Easily.

The InSync EHR system for therapy notes, scheduling, telehealth, and medical billing is a fully integrated system that runs in the cloud and is configured to each provider. All without requiring a single shred of paper. The InSync EHR allows mental health providers to rapidly chart their progress notes, it's not necessary to endlessly hunt through menus to find what you need to enter. The charting templates can fill in everything and have you done taking the note in under 3 minutes. 

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Charting Patient Progress

Graph Your Progress

Easily demonstrate patient progress with automated graphs built right into your patient's psychotherapy notes chart. Templated mental health therapy notes allow for providers to rapidly progress through the most arduous portions of therapy notes in as little as 3-minutes


Patient Portal

Your Dedicated Portal. Your custom forms.

With an integrated system, you'll enable your practice to upload your current intake forms to a dedicated patient portal. With a dedicated patient portal, your patients can take assessments, make payments,  electronically sign forms, schedule visits, and even request telehealth appointments on-demand. 


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