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EMR Software Pricing

If you've spoken to vendors about their EMR pricing options, you've heard a lot about subscription pricing plans. But what about the other options that you might be leaving on the table? Did you know there are financial benefits software acquisitions that you can't get from subscription models? We've put together this entertaining, yet informative video to give you the basics of what's available when it comes to EHR system costs. 

Pricing is Simple and Predictable?

EMR pricing is often advertised as a simple and easy but there might be options left on the table you're not aware of.  What those options are and which is most beneficial to the financial well being of your medical practice is what we can help you with. 

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Now that you know your options when it comes to EMR costs, let us show you how the system can alleviate your practice's pain points. Schedule a custom demo where they will walk through your workflow and demonstrate the system's functionalities. We'll configure the system with your practice's custom forms and can walk you through a daily workflow scenario.

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Right-Sized Implementation Plans

Your practice has a lot on the line when deploying a new EMR system. We tailor your implementation to improve productivity and efficiency from day one. We offer onsite in-person training, virtual, or at your own pace with video training and system certification.

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