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Internal Medicine EHR Software Buyer's Guide

Choosing the correct internal medicine EHR/EMR software for your practice can be difficult, let us help. In this free buyer's guide, we'll outline the key features you need to look for in order to get the peak efficacy for your practice. 



Internal Medicine EHR/EMR

Save Time, Save Patients

InSync's end-to-end software saves practices valuable time without sacrificing the quality of patient care. Built on a highly configurable and user-friendly system, internal medicine providers are able to implement a solution that works with their practice's unique needs. With the InSync cloud-based EHR platform you can take advantage of included e-prescribe ensuring your patients get the correct medication reducing the risk of drug interaction and allergic reaction.

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Why Switch?

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  • Telemedicine

    Reach your patients regardless of location or mobility. With integrated telemedicine, providers can care for patients anywhere with an internet connection. 

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  • Patient Portal

    Collect patient signatures, forms, and payments through your practice's own patient portal website. This secure website is fully integrated with the InSync EHR software and will share collected information with your practice effortlessly. 

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  • E-prescription

    Your practice can send accurate, error-free prescriptions directly to the patient's pharmacy from the point of care. Our mobile platform makes e-prescribing on the go or during off-hours even easier. With features designed to safeguard patients and prevent dangerous drug interactions and allergic reactions, the e-prescribe system is ready for your practice. 

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  • Patient Charting

    Equip your practice with a platform that allows for speed and efficiency. Patient note features enable rapid charting. Allowing providers to chart a patient in as little as 3 minutes the InSync EHR for internal medicine is ready to get patients seen and treated so they can get back to their lives and you can help more patients. 

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  • Configurability

    Configure your workflows based on how your providers prefer to move through an exam. Vitals, history, chief complaints, and problem lists can all be arranged to fit each provider's requirements. Configurable templates and forms are available so that each user can easily tailor their templates based on specialty, need, and preferences. Forms can be easily changed via simple drag and drop.

  • Connectivity

    Complete lab orders and receive results directly within the EHR software. We also integrate radiology data directly into a patient's notes.


Customer Reviews

What caught my attention was the quality of the primary care software InSync uses, along with the fact that we can use it to.
Fort Washington Medical Center
Randolph Elkins Logo
Now that we have all of the patient information in front of us because of the integration, everything is so much faster," Debbie said. "We're happy with the system. It's been great. It's cut our time significantly and it only takes a fourth of the time to do our billing.
Randolph-Elkins Health Department
InSync has helped with the workflow of our practice by helping us meet our quality measures for CMS with Meaningful Use. They always update us on the changes and help us implement them.
Tammy Eanes
Piedmont Triad Family Medicine

Medical Practice Management Software

InSync Healthcare Solutions has developed medical practice management software for primary care that seamlessly integrates with its EHR to create a completely connected practice. The software provides accountability and easy adaptability, ensuring every patient is seen and every patient is billed. The practice management dashboard handles charges, payments, adjustments, cashflow and more.

Internal Medicine Billing Software

Every internal medicine practice needs a billing solution to generate and submit claims. Our software will help ensure your practice is reimbursed through electronic remittance and that every dollar is properly accounted for. 


InSync-Healthcare-Solutions-Practice-Management-Batch Payments


Practice Management Scheduler

Our configurable scheduler lets providers adjust their calendar view and organize appointments. Appointment information is available at the click of a button through visit detail pop-ups. Integrated appointment reminders can be sent via text, email or phone call and then update the scheduler based on a patient's response. 





Tasks can be assigned to specific users or user groups, and administrators can seamlessly keep track of deadline-oriented tasks for staff.


Choose from reports including scheduling, patient lists, financials, reconciliations, and billing.

Appointment Reminders

Automated reminders are delivered to patients via their preferred method - text, email, or phone - and responses are recorded right in the scheduler.

Don't Break the Bank

Need team buy-in? Quarterly budget approval from your CEO?  The right way to invest in a new EHR.

We've put together a guide on how your primary care practice can save money when acquiring new EHR/EMR software.

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