Inpatient Mental Health, Drug Rehab, Physical Therapy, Alcohol Rehab, Psychiatric Hospital Software

Designed specifically to make inpatient intake, scheduling, communication, billing, and overall management much more efficient and interconnected on a single platform.

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Rehab EMR Software

The InSync Inpatient EHR software is designed for inpatient facilities that require an interoperable platform for their entire organization.

The InSync inpatient EHR was created to simplify patient intake and inpatient scheduling. With the InSync EHR fully integrated platform you'll gain access to a single platform with every function your practice needs to operate efficiently.

Inpatient RX

Dispense drugs to assigned inpatient recipients on-time and receive alerts for past due medications.


InSync bed board management allows the intake department to see available beds as well as beds coming available later.

Inpatient Billing

The InSync inpatient EMR software comes with a full suite of medical billing tools to automate your facility. 

Provider Appointments

Book the first visit from a provider during the seamless intake process. 

Secure Communications

HIPAA compliant internal messaging that's secure within the practice.

Inpatient EMR

Electronic medical records integrated deeply throughout the entire system.



Residential treatment facilities rely on the InSync Inpatient EHR.

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Inpatient Rehab EHR


More Reasons to Get InSync.

Your treatment facility isn't a carbon copy of all the others in your area and neither is the InSync Healthcare Solutions inpatient software. With the InSync EHR, your organization will immediately come into compliance with all of the 21st Century CURES Act mandates. Additionally, our onsite training and remote implementation teams are there to support and improve your work.

Completely Configurable

At InSync Healthcare Solutions, we don't believe in one-size-fits-all inpatient EMR software. Each user's dashboard is configurable. Allowing every medical professional to see only what they need without cluttering their screen with unnecessary information. 


Patient Management

The entire intake process is visualized to make it as expedient as possible. From selecting a bed to entering current medications, and booking the first provider appointment the HIPAA compliant and cloud-based InSync inpatient EMR works from any device with a connection to the Internet.


Electronic Medication Administration Records

Electronic Medication Administration Records (eMAR) allows medical staff to safely dispense prescribed medication down to the hour they need to be dispensed. The InSync inpatient eMAR utilizes color coding with red colors to alert the practitioner of any missed dosages. 


Psychiatric Hospital EHR Software

InSync Healthcare Solutions offers the most robust single platform psychiatric hospital EHR. The fully integrated software allows staff to manage billing, bed management, group, and individual therapy scheduling, as well as eMAR. All of the features you need for inpatient and outpatient care available on one platform, ready for your facility now.

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