Billing Solutions for Physical Therapy Practices

A billing solution designed for physical therapy clinics.

InSync’s billing solution streamlines the revenue management process, increasing practice profitability and simplifying workflows.

An efficient electronic medical records and practice management system is essential to the success of a practice, but without the right billing solution, the same practice will likely suffer reduced revenue. InSync’s billing solution is the perfect complement to its substance abuse specific EMR and PM software. Simple and easy-to-use, practices are able to significantly reduce the time spent on billing without sacrificing optimized reimbursement rates and maximized revenue. Included features are:

  • Payments: Batch payments can be posted at the click of a button, and charges can be sent electronically, avoiding the pitfalls of paper superbills
  • Electronic Remittance: Electronic payments are posted via electronic remittance advice (ERA), which allows users to save time and resources by avoiding hand posting and paper claims
  • Patient Statements: Users can review and print patient statements or transmit them in accordance with their preferences
  • Billing Dashboard: Aging reports, clean claim ratios, reconciliation reports, payer reports and more can be viewed at a glance
  • Claim Scrubber: Alpha II’s ClaimStaker is a web-based claim scrubber that empowers practices to limit billing mistakes and improve practice revenue

Managing payments, claims processing and working with insurance companies has never easier than with InSync’s billing solution.


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