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It’s vital that providers choose a system specifically designed to meet their unique needs for substance abuse EHR software. Featuring a wide-range of clinical tools, InSync Healthcare Solutions' addiction medicine suite empowers providers to efficiently adjust to the challenges and changes in the substance abuse industry.

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InSync Healthcare solutions offers highly configurable software designed to meet the unique needs of substance abuse clinics. Featuring a wide-range of clinical tools, we equip substance abuse providers with the EMR software to effectively and efficiently address the challenges and changes in substance abuse.

Recovery Works Northwest, Portland, OR

Jen Robbins, Program Manager

“How the scheduling was set up was really impressive – the ease of checking patients in and seeing everyone’s schedules, I was impressed by the simplicity, as well as the nifty touches I hadn’t seen before from other software."

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Cloud-based EMR/EHR software by InSync Healthcare Solutions


Experience the ultimate convenience of cloud-based EMR technology. Providers can chart on-the-go and manage their practice from any location, any time and on their preferred device with InSync’s mobile platform.

Full integrated substance abuse EHR software by InSync Healthcare Technologies


With the electronic medical record (EMR), practice management and billing solutions seamlessly integrated, InSync users can connect the entire practice through a simplified, streamlined workflow.

Complete EMR software configurability by InSync Healthcare Solutions


Our substance abuse software solutions are tailored to your specialty and a your unique preferences, which means the platform works for your practice, not against it. InSync operates seamlessly across the entire practice.

The most easy to use substance abuse EHR/EMR software by InSync Healthcare Solutions

Easy to Use

Designed with a user-friendly interface, a drag and drop configuration. InSync’s substance abuse EMR and practice management solution is easy to learn and simple to use, allowing for a smooth transition to a new software.

  • Group Therapy Notes Software

    Featuring fully customizable group charting templates which seamlessly transfer back and forth from the main group notes to and  individual's attendee notes. Identify with ease which attendees have individual comments made in order to assist with compliance. It's also easier than ever to mark group attendance from within the group therapy notes software. 

  • Medication Management Software

    Our system offers easy and intuitive ways to safely manage your patients' medicinal needs. Drug allergy alerts can be available to providers before and during the prescribing process. Our substance abuse software platform also provides electronically prescribed controlled substances (EPCS) services, eliminating the rish of drug abuse that can occur with paper or faxed scripts.  

  • Addiction Treatment Plans

    Providing patients with the most effective and efficient treatment possible is a main priority for substance abuse clinics. Our system is fully equipped to make planning and implementing a treatment plan as pain-free as possible. 

  • Navigating ICD-10

    Codes can be tricky, but our substance abuse software offers a quick and user friendly way to find the right codes for your patients. With InSync Healthcare Solutions software you'll have the ability to expand your search and find any ICD-10 code in existence. 

  • Quick History Review

    With InSync substance abuse EMR software you can quickly and easily access past encounters and notes. It also offers you the ability to pull clinical data from an older note to the current note for speed and efficiency. 


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