Billing Solutions for Physical Therapy Practices

A billing solution designed for physical therapy clinics.

InSync’s billing solution reduces the time spent on billing tasks without sacrificing optimal reimbursement rates and revenue. Managing payments, claims processing and working with insurance companies has never been easier. Post payments with the click of a button and automatically generated charges limit data entry and improve efficiency.

Automatically ensure billing accuracy with Alpha II’s ClaimStaker

Fully integrated within InSync’s software, ClaimStaker provides unparalleled value to InSync clients:

  • A web-based claims scrubber that instantly checks the accuracy of all claims against thousands of billing and coding requirements
  • Detailed edits and descriptions explain why any changes were made to help prevent future billing mistakes
  • An easy-to-use tool that empowers practices to limit billing mistakes and improve revenue

Discover how InSync simplifies charting and optimizes practice productivity.

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