Physical Therapy EMR, PM & Billing

The unique needs of physical therapy clinics often make it hard for therapists to find the right PT software. InSync Healthcare Solutions’ fully-integrated, cloud-based system is specifically designed to cater to a physical therapist’s preferences. Simple, effective and accurate, InSync’s solutions will empower greater efficiency and maximize productivity for physical therapy clinics.

  • Electronic Medical Records

    InSync’s EMR software for Physical Therapy is pre-loaded with a library of Physical Therapy content from PT providers that help users chart and tailored workflows with high speed and accuracy. Leverage InSync’s cloud-based technology to be even more efficient as PT providers chart on any device, from any location, at any time. 

    Our EMR Treatment Plan Graphing easily tracks the progress of each patient over the course of multiple visits. Not only does InSync’s EMR use remembered goals for quick and easy follow-up visits, but it provides unparalleled visual awareness to a patient’s progress or regression throughout treatment, enabling PT providers to quickly assess the most effective plan and improve overall outcomes.

  • Practice Management

    Reduce operational costs and achieve the efficiency you’re seeking. Fully-integrated with InSync’s EMR system, the PM solution streamlines administrative workflow and easily maintains compliance standards through a user-friendly interface.

    Within the PM solution, PT providers and staff can access our multi-view Scheduler which links charting and billing to patient appointments. Scheduling multiple providers and rooms is as easy as a click of a button and automated appointment reminders help reduce no-shows and ensure a full schedule for PT providers.

  • Billing Solution

    InSync’s billing solution reduces the time spent on billing tasks without sacrificing optimal reimbursement rates and revenue. Managing payments, claims processing and working with insurance companies has never been easier. Post payments with the click of a button and automatically generated charges limit data entry and improve efficiency.

    Automatically ensure billing accuracy with Alpha II’s ClaimStaker

    Fully integrated within InSync’s software, ClaimStaker provides unparalleled value to InSync clients:

    • A web-based claims scrubber that instantly checks the accuracy of all claims against thousands of billing and coding requirements

    • Detailed edits and descriptions explain why any changes were made to help prevent future billing mistakes

    • An easy-to-use tool that empowers practices to limit billing mistakes and improve revenue


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Wisdom Traditions Health & Wellness Center Integrates Multi-Specialty Practice With InSync

Providing services in both physical therapy and behavioral health to patients in the Anchorage, Alaska area, Wisdom Traditions struggled to combine both areas into one synchronized business.

InSync transferred Wisdom Traditions from server-based to its cloud-based, fully-integrated system. As a result, the practice has increased efficiency by 20% and achieved the connectivity it was seeking between both the physical therapy and behavioral health areas of the practice.

Read Wisdom Traditions’ full case study.

“InSync’s service is wonderful, they work with us and help us to cross any barriers, and continually strive to make their product better and better, bottom line.” - Kimberly Hamilton, CFO

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