EHR, PM and Billing Software for Pediatric Therapy

A fully-integrated, browser-based cloud software specifically configured for pediatric therapy practices including, occupational, speech and physical therapies as well as behavioral health and ABA.


Tailored to your preferences, InSync’s healthcare IT solutions are configured to work with you, not against you, while operating seamlessly across the entire practice.

  • Electronic Health Records

    InSync’s library of Pediatric Therapy specific content is easily tailored to individual needs within a multi-therapy practice.

    Customizable: Type, dictate, use check boxes and easily tweak templates on the fly to meet your distinct charting preferences
    Fast: Treatment plans use remembered goals for quick and easy follow-up visits
    Best of Both Worlds: Use the speed of our electronic capabilities to generate a note with the look and feel of a paper chart
  • Care Plans

    Intuitive care plans provide pediatric therapists with a full snapshot of a patient’s total care.

    Comprehensive View: Access the full scope of a patient’s care plans across each type of therapy within the office or only a single specialty.
    Mobile Friendly: Your EHR shouldn’t be tied to a computer. The mobile capabilities of InSync’s EHR allow providers to fill out their charts without sacrificing patient engagement
  • Practice Management

    Scheduling and billing for multiple providers can be difficult, but not with our multi-view Scheduler, which links charting and billing seamlessly to patient appointments

    Customizable: Organize or view your scheduler in whatever way works best for you to simplify scheduling patients across multiple providers
    Appointment Reminders: Reduce no-shows with integrated text message, phone and email confirmations
    Global View: One screen for scheduling multiple providers and rooms at the same time
  • Billing

    InSync’s billing solution is the perfect complement to its pediatric therapy specific EHR and PM software. Simple and easy-to-use, practices are able to significantly reduce the time spent on billing while still maximizing revenue.

    Premium Clearinghouse: Claims statuses are handled directly in the EHR for greater efficiency and accuracy
    Business Analytics: Built-in to the software, pediatric therapy providers can pull reports and instantly track the financial health of the practice
  • Credit Card Processing

    Out-of-pocket costs are on the rise for patients. Reduce your practice’s financial risk and ensure it gets paid with InSync’s credit card processing. Our credit card processing options help:

    Conduct Seamless Transactions: Improve point-of-sale transactions while remaining EMV-compliant
    Avoid Costly Chargebacks: Stay safe from potential fines associated with lost, stolen or counterfeit credit cards
    Pay Online: Our online payment options easily manage recurring patient payments
  • Patient Portal

    Enhance the overall patient experience with our fully-integrated patient portal, which empowers pediatric therapy practices to:

    Save Time: Patients electronically complete their paperwork (HIPAA forms, consents, intake forms, etc.) prior to coming into the office
    Simplify Patient Payments: Patients can view and pay their bills online, enabling faster payments and greater convenience for both patients and providers
    Increase Convenience: Online prescription refills and appointment requests via the portal are sent directly to the provider dashboard
    Compliant and Secure: HIPAA-compliant patient portal and Meaningful Use certified

Discover how InSync simplifies charting and optimizes practice productivity.

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