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      Behavioral Health EHR

      A fully integrated, full-featured mental health EHR platform

      Mental health providers demand therapy notes software that enables more face-time with patients and less hunting through menus and re-entering old data to complete an encounter. The InSync behavioral health EHR brings together psychotherapy notes and behavioral health practice management software to create a single environment in which providers and staff can seamlessly work together. 


      Five Minute Mental Health Snapshot Demo

      5-minute InSync Mental Health Software Snapshot Demo

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      Cloud-Based & Mobile Ready

      Clinical behavioral health and practice management software on a single platform.

      A True Behavioral Health EHR Platform

      Whether your practice specializes in individual therapy, group therapy, psychiatry, substance abuse or any combination of specialties, our comprehensive mental health EHR and mental health practice management software is the right fit. The InSync EHR is cloud-based and has a mobile-friendly interface that's accessible to providers from anywhere and on any device with an internet connection.


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      75+ Assessment Tools

      The InSync behavioral health EHR software equips providers with the necessary tools to complete assessments without the hassle of having to jump into other software or print paper. Find out how your team can use these assessments when you schedule a custom demonstration today. 

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      Behavioral Health EHR Implementation Success Stories

      See how our software coupled with an incredible implementation and training team positioned these behavioral health practices for success by reducing time spent charting and improving billing efficiency. 

      A Mental Health EHR That Enhances Patient Care

      The InSync Behavioral Health EHR software is designed with the input of mental health providers to make your practice more efficient and productive. The InSync behavioral health EHR systems enable mental health providers to work on a secure mobile device from anywhere with an internet connection. The fully integrated, cloud-based technology is designed to reduce burnout by minimizing clicks, reducing data entry, and presenting data with visualizations that make sense of historical data sets.

      The InSync EHR connects the dots, allowing behavioral health practices to cease their reliance on disparate systems and duplicate data entry. The EHR System features a full interconnected suite of medical software solutions, such as integrated telepsychiatry software. With mental health practice management software that handles scheduling, appointment reminders, mental health billing, and a robust clinical EHR system that allows mental health providers to efficiently take therapy notes without having to pull up past visits or rely on another system for treatment plans. Take part in a customized demonstration with your custom forms uploaded and discover what sets the InSync mental health EHR apart. 

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      Group Therapy Notes Software

      Does your practice offer group therapy? Our configurable group therapy notes allow for a seamless transition between group notes and individual patient notes. A deep level of configuration enables you to make progress notes the way you see fit. If your practice utilizes telehealth for group therapy you'll find our user seats are unlimited.

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      Mental Health Software Features

      Patient Progress Report Graph

      Important patient-progress report data is available at a glance with our mental health EHR/EMR treatment plan graphing. The patient progress report graph helps:

      • Identify patterns with colorful charts and visual timelines

      • Create awareness by quickly pinpointing patient regression

      Tele-Mental Health Software

      For behavioral health prescribers, telepsychiatry software visits mean patients can receive the care they need from the comfort of their own home and still receive prescriptions. InSync's telemedicine integration enables providers to reach patients with built-in scheduling and e-prescribing. You never have to leave the InSync EHR because the system handles your telehealth billing as well. There's more to explore but it's easier to show you how we can improve your telemental health practice.

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      Electronic Medication Administration Record and Scheduling

      Behavioral health facilities dispensing medication to patients require a reliable way to deliver medicine to their patients. The InSync eMAR software is fully integrated, meaning there's no data duplication or multiple programs to manage. The scheduler is color-coded allowing providers and supervising providers to see medicine that hasn't been dispensed, along with medicine that is past due. 


      Behavioral Health EHR + Practice Management

      This is fully integrated.

      With the InSync behavioral health EHR software, office staff can collect payments and patient information from the front desk, a patient check-in kiosk, and a dedicated patient portal website. Additionally, through the portal, patients can take assessments, fill out forms required by your practice, and remit payments. The InSync practice management software also automates medical billing, even allowing you to set your own rules for the system to run by - and all on the same system on which providers record psychotherapy notes.

      Seamless Transactions

      Improve point-of-sale transactions while remaining EMV-compliant.

      Avoid Costly Chargebacks

      Stay safe from potential fines associated with lost, stolen or counterfeit credit cards.

      Increase Patient Convenience

      Our online payment options easily manage recurring patient payments.

      Premium Clearinghouse

      Claims statuses are handled directly in the EMR for greater efficiency and accuracy.


      One screen for scheduling multiple providers and rooms at the same time.

      Appointment Reminders

      Reduce no-shows with an integrated text message, phone, and email confirmations.

      Automated Billing

      Reduce errors and increase your practice's AR with InSync's automated features.

      What else?

      Patient Portal

      Stop relying on paper forms for patient intake, payments and signatures. Start allowing patients to take assessments any place they feel comfortable. The dedicated patient portal website allows patients to make appointment requests, download educational content, and even schedule telehealth appointments. Our fully-integrated patient portal saves time, simplifies patient payments while increasing satisfaction. All while maintaining HIPAA compliance and security.  

      insync healthcare solutions patient portal website patient view
      Mental Health Billing

      The InSync billing software for mental health professionals is fully integrated and can be automated at your command. Simple and easy to use, practices are able to significantly reduce time spent on billing without sacrificing optimized reimbursement rates and revenue. 

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      Multi-view Scheduler

      Providers love using the day-view on their phones to have that quick, at-a-glance view of their schedule. Office staff love the global view, permitting them to see all available providers schedules with the ability to quickly view a single provider's availability and set an appointment with a click. 

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      InSync Analytics

      With InSync Analytics, you can review your practice's financials from the 10,000-foot level. Interactive charts and graphs detail the financial health of your practice, displaying complex data sets in easy-to-understand formats. From there you can dive deeper and get granular with a click. 

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      The Latest Mental Health News 

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