EMR and Practice Management for Primary Care

InSync for primary care is the foundation of our EMR and PM solution. As the complete, end-to-end solution, InSync’s software saves practices valuable time without sacrificing the quality of patient care. Built on a highly configurable and user-friendly system, primary care providers will be able to implement a solution that works with their practice, rather than against it.

  • Electronic Medical Records

    InSync's electronic medical records specifically engineered for primary care are loaded with robust templates that make documentation easy for physicians. These templates cover the most common complaints and diagnoses, empowering doctors to spend less time on the chart and more time focused on the patient. Increase documentation speed and improve efficiency with InSync’s EMR software.

    Whether it’s documenting specific patient notes, reviewing a patient summary or prescribing medications, all of a primary care physician’s necessary tasks are easily accessible on a single screen. By leveraging the browser-based technology of InSync’s EMR, providers can chart on-the-go and work the way the want from wherever they want.

  • Practice Management

    Reduce operational costs and achieve front office efficiency with InSync’s primary care specific, fully integrated practice management software. Practices are empowered to streamline administrative workflow, while easily maintaining compliance through a user-friendly interface.

    Spend less time on tasks such as scheduling and billing. InSync allows providers to submit claims and schedule appointments with a click of a button, resulting in more efficient practice management.

  • Billing Solution

    Simple and easy-to-use, practices are able to significantly reduce the time spent on billing without sacrificing optimized reimbursement rates and maximized revenue. Managing payments, claims processing and working with insurance companies has never been easier than with InSync’s billing solution. Posting payments is done with a click of a button and any charges are automatically generated at the time of charting, resulting in greater efficiency and less data entry.

  • Revenue Cycle Management Services

    Let InSync do the billing with InSync's revenue cycle management services. InSync's RCM offerings are more than just a simple billing service. Our dedicated RCM development team is solely focused on your organization's overall RCM success.

    Most billing services only submit claims on behalf of the practice, but InSync employs a thorough and efficient review system to ensure accurate claims. Problem claims are pulled from the batch, allowing all other claims to proceed as normal, Any claim issues are verified within two days of claim submission, enabling quick corrections and reducing the turnaround time for the practice

    InSync reviews claim trends from all our RCM customers in our to take appropriate action to prevent any potential issues or delays with your claims.

Watch our demo video and discover how InSync simplifies charting and optimizes practice productivity.

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