Group Therapy SOAP Notes

Group therapy notes software that checks all the right boxes. Configurable for small, medium and large mental health practices. Easily transition from group to individual patient notes, custom forms, online patient portals, and progress reporting. 


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Fully Integrated Group Therapy Notes

Electronic billing, scheduling, and charting. 

With the InSync system, you can conduct group therapy sessions that are fully integrated with your practice management software. No additional systems required to take efficient group therapy SOAP notes.  Don't use SOAP? Configure your own group note templates!

Mobile Friendly

Cloud-based means you can chart your group therapy notes on any mobile device with a network connection. 

Group to Individual Notes 

Easily transition from group therapy SOAP notes to an individual.

Easy Communication

Secure communication from the provider in session to the front desk or back office. 

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Group Therapy SOAP Notes Features

Take a closer look at the advantages the InSync system offers group therapy providers.


Schedule multiple patients to one group therapy time block.


Easily schedule multiple patients into one time block on the calendar within the software. Finally, no copy and paste required. Scheduling is as simple as drag and drop.


Chart patient notes for the entire group or for the individual.

Group & Patient Notes

A single click can take a note for the entire group and place it on each patient's record. Or, you can click into a single patient's record for more information or record an individual note there as well.


Automatically assign charges for simple group medical billing.

Group Therapy Billing

Billing for the group is automatic for each patient. Thanks to the InSync system's fully integrated architecture your billing is handled automatically, no matter the size of the encounter. 




As a provider, you can move seamlessly between your group therapy SOAP notes and to an individual's progress note.  You can even select all members and write a note for the entire group. 




Group Therapy Scheduler

See your entire practice at a glance. With the fully integrated InSync Healthcare Solutions group therapy scheduler you can view everyone or a single provider's schedule. You can see individual patient appointments or group therapy appointments. 




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