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EHR System Selection Guide

In the market for a better EHR system?

We know there's much to consider when selecting an EHR software for the first time - or switching to a new EHR system. To assist with your decision-making process, download this free selection guide with our compliments. 

In this guide, you’ll discover:

  • Why so many healthcare providers are dissatisfied with their EHR system

  • The best features to look for when evaluating different systems

  • Why cloud-based systems with mobile-device accessibility are a better fit for practices than on-premise server systems

Free Download

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1st EHR System or Switching?

This Selection Guide is For You. 

Whether it’s your first time purchasing an EHR software system or you’re simply switching from another system, the buying process requires a considerable amount of research, evaluation, and diligence to ensure your practice makes the right decision. Our EHR-EMR Selection guide is designed to simplify your decision-making process as your practice assesses a variety of potential solutions.


Customer Reviews

See what our customers' think about the InSync EHR - EMR software. 

What I really like is the EMR’s ability to customize the system to my exact needs. Specifically, when it comes to examinations, I handle a lot of notes and patient information that can be hard to keep track of.
Internal Medicine
They understand the ever-changing system and the challenges providers face when trying to stay current with these changes.
Practice Management
Whenever I had an issue, they were immediately working to get it resolved. They made the experience transitioning from a different EMR company a very smooth one!
Physical Therapy

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