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In the best interest of our representatives, we are tentatively postponing all in-person events. We value their safety as well as yours, we look forward to seeing you via teleconference. We can quickly schedule a call or demonstration to meet your needs. 

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3 min read

Tick, Tick: This EHR Data Could Benefit  Time-Strapped Doctors

Your patient is scheduled for a 10-minute appointment, but the appointment runs 5 minutes long. As additional appointments run long, pressure mounts. Although timestamped data from millions of electronic health records suggest you're in the norm, it also reveals...

8 min read

Lost in The Mist: Bad News For Young Vapers (Not That They'll Notice)

As if the known risks of vaping weren't already distressing enough, along come two new studies from the University of Rochester Medical Center that link vaping to mental fog. Earlier studies had already made that connection with animals. This time it's with people.


5 min read

Crisis Reset: Telehealth, Interoperable Capacity Get Priority Status

As awful as it’s been, the COVID-19 pandemic might long be remembered as the mother of innovation in healthcare. It didn’t just light a fire under health IT; it ignited a sweeping inferno that catapulted telehealth and interoperability to the fore of healthcare...


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