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Our system is specifically designed to meet the unique needs of substance abuse practices.

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Why You Should Offer Telepsychiatry

Find out how you can better serve patients with telepsychiatry. In this guide, we'll outline four reasons why telemedicine is critical to mental health practices.

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Cloud-based Mobility & Security

Allow your providers more facetime with patients. Our secure cloud-based substance abuse EHR software works on any device, allowing for maximum engagement and efficiency. Fully integrated with our practice management software, you get a fully configurable, all-in-one system.

Fully Integrated

EHR, practice management and medical billing software under one umbrella.


Workflows and forms configured to your practice's unique preferences.

Controlled Substances

Safely control the prescription of controlled substances to your patients. 


Generate a report that serves as a legal record of the drugs administered to a patient at a facility by a provider.


Get the features unique to substance abuse treatment providers. 


Addiction Treatment Plans

Treatment Plans

Providing patients with the right treatment plan is the number one priority for substance abuse practices. Our system is fully equipped to make planning and implementing a treatment plan as efficient and effective as possible.


Medication Management Software

Medication Management

Our system helps providers safely manage patients' medication needs. Drug allergy alerts are available before and during the prescribing process. Our substance abuse software also provides electronically prescribed controlled substances (EPCS) services, eliminating the risk of drug abuse that can occur with paper or faxed scripts.


Group Therapy Notes Software

Group Therapy Software

Fully customizable group charting templates that seamlessly switch between group and individual notes. Identify with ease which attendees have individual comments in order to assist with compliance. It's also simple to mark group attendance.

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When Speed Matters

With the 3-Minute Encounter, your providers will be able to chart patients faster and more efficiently than ever before. A fast and efficient patient note means your providers will be able to spend more time offering care and less time filling out forms. 

3 min encounter patient charting by insync healthcare solutions

Quick History Review

With InSync's substance abuse EHR software, you can quickly and easily access past encounters and notes. It also allows you the ability to pull clinical data from an older note into the current one. 


Patient Check-in Kiosk

Automate the check-in process with a device-agnostic patient check-in kiosk. Choose a laptop or tablet device and the system will automatically format to fit the display you wish to use. 


Fully Integrated Substance Abuse Billing. 

The InSync Healthcare Solutions EHR is designed to make your work life more manageable. To do that, we've designed substance abuse medical billing functionalities that are not only configurable and 100% automated but are completely built into the InSync EHR. Now, when a provider begins a session a billable claim is automatically created.


Automate your substance abuse medical billing with InSync. With InSync Healthcare Solutions you can expect:

•  Auto import

•  Auto-generate

•  Auto patient payment posting

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Navigate ICD-10 Codes

Codes can be tricky, but our substance abuse software comes complete with the InSync Rules Engine, a revolutionary way for billers to ensure providers are always selecting the correct codes to coincide with their sessions. Our behavioral health EHR software allows treatment facilities of any size and scope to work with addiction therapy and psychotherapy as well as practices that utilize group therapy software. Finally, the eMARS and community mental health agency software functionalities allow for the safe distribution of medication and bed board management. 

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