Revenue Cycle Management

Improve business performance with InSync’s comprehensive revenue cycle management services

A full-service RCM provider

InSync's RCM offerings are more than just a simple billing service. Our dedicated RCM development team is solely focus on your organization's overall RCM success.What you get with InSync's RCM services:

  • More than 45 years of experience on the RCM Management team

  • Multi-level audit system designed to submit a clean claim the first time

  • Dedicated Account Manager specifically assigned to your practice

Quick, accurate claims submission process

Most billing services only submit claims on behalf of the practice, but InSync employs a thorough and efficient review system to ensure accurate claims.

  • Problem claims are pulled from the batch, allowing all other claims to proceed as normal

  • Any claim issues are verified within two days of claim submission, enabling quick corrections and reducing the turnaround time for the practice

  • InSync reviews claim trends from all our RCM customers in our to take appropriate action to prevent any potential issues or delays with your claims

“InSync is so simple and easy-to-use, but still encompasses everything we need in a revenue cycle management solution."

- Dr. Francis Vesci, Chiropractic Center of New Britain

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