Medical Transcription Solutions & Services


As an experienced healthcare partner, InSync understands the budgetary, regulatory and personnel challenges that healthcare organizations face today. We offer affordable, accurate and HIPAA compliant solutions to improve document work-flow with no transition required by the physicians.

InSync’s multi-tier document review system monitors quality parameters through every step, resulting in faster billing, more complete reimbursements and improved cash-flow.

We provide numerous dictation solutions, including free use of our digital dictation system that can be customized to mimic an already existing dictation system, eliminating physician transition concerns. In addition, we offer a free mobile device app and digital upload of hand-held recorders.

Our delivery solutions are based on our client's needs, including automated delivery via HL7 interface, manual upload or copy/paste directly into the software. We build our interfaces around our clients’ specifications, which gives us the flexibility to utilize a facility’s current interface.

InSync guarantees our mutually agreed upon document turnaround times and minimum accuracy of 98 percent, which are accessible through easy-to-access reporting tools.  

What You Get From InSync Medical Transcription

  • Up to 40% reduction in costs

  • Numerous dictation & delivery solutions

  • Industry-leading, HIPAA compliant technology

  • Timely & accurate medical documents

  • Proven track record of success

"The turnaround time (TAT) statistics with InSync have been consistently above 95 percent. Their reports are easy to access and make it easy for me to see the TAT summary. This allows me to monitor performance and make immediate improvements when necessary.”

-Rita Allen, Medical Records, Griffin Memorial Hospital

InSync Healthcare Solutions is a preferred partner for medical transcription services for Illucient Purchasing Alliance members.