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Get the trusted medical transcription service that can reduce existing transcription costs by up to 40%!

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Medical Transcription and Virtual Medical Scribe Services that are Affordable, Accurate and HIPAA Compliant

InSync Healthcare Solutions is a national provider of medical transcription, editing, dictation, and virtual scribe services. For more than 15 years, we have offered sophisticated services and cutting edge technology designed to create quality reporting and provide rapid turnaround time without interrupting our clients’ workflows.

Medical Transcription Services at a Glance


  • Guaranteed accuracy of at least 98%

  • Ability to interface with any existing EMR and/or dictation system

  • Option to dictate via phone or digital recording device

  • Security ensured with the 128-bit encryption technology

  • Personalized account management


Medical Transcription Services Reviews

“InSync transcriptions are very secure and they’re ready for the doctor to review within the contracted turnaround time. Usually, the doctors sign off on them within 24 hours, so the turnaround is incredible.”
John Cox, Director of HIM
"The turnaround time (TAT) statistics with InSync have been consistently above 95 percent. Their reports are easy to access and make it easy for me to see the TAT summary. This allows me to monitor performance and make immediate improvements when necessary.”
Rita Allen, Medical Records

Medical Transcription Services Designed For Your Needs

We provide numerous dictation solutions, including free use of our digital dictation system that can be customized to mimic an already existing dictation system, eliminating physician transition concerns. In addition, we offer a free mobile device app and digital upload of hand-held recorders.

Our delivery solutions are based on our client's needs, including automated delivery via HL7 interface, manual upload or copy/paste directly into the software. We build our interfaces around our clients’ specifications, which gives us the flexibility to utilize a facility’s current interface.


Our Transcription Guarantee

Reports are guaranteed to be returned within 24 hours. If STAT is specified, you’ll have them back in under 2.

Through a complimentary cost analysis, you can determine the annual savings your hospital can achieve by choosing to rely on InSync’s Medical Transcription services. It’s fast, easy, and free. Whether you are utilizing in-house transcriptionists or outsourcing your transcription through a third party vendor, We can provide either a full or partial outsource of your work—by job type, provider, or department. 

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"...the turnaround is incredible.”

-Rita Allen, Medical Records, Griffin Memorial Hospital

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