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      We put cloud-based fully integrated EHR software with full medical billing, practice management, and interoperability at your fingertips.

      Whether it's EHR or EMR, these systems are not one-size-fits-all solutions—or at least they shouldn’t be. Find out why healthcare providers across the country trust InSync Healthcare Solutions with their patients' data. Our cloud-based EHR software enables providers to access a truly mobile EHR from any device with an internet connection. 

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      Benefits of The InSync EHR System

      Our rapid-release cycle means we routinely add new features and functionalities to our EHR EMR software while always improving its core capabilities. We listen to our providers and develop healthcare solutions to work for their specialties and workflows, not the other way around. We maintain a robust software solution for charting patient progress for providers and facilitating access to providers for patients. The interoperable InSync platform doesn't stop there, it also assists with state reporting, court-mandated therapy and drug testing, patient management and so much more.




      More than *80 assessments are available to you upon your go-live date! 


      More time providing care & less time entering data. Getting more done comes naturally with InSync.

      1 EHR System

      A single system with a full range of practice management, scheduling. and electronic health records.


      More up-time without ever relying on or maintaining a local server ever again. 

      Patient Forms

      There's no need to reinvent the wheel! Bring your custom forms with you! We will recreate them within the system.


      Get per-provider configuration of workflows within the system on a true whole-person care platform.


      Our team is committed to providing you with the best system configuration for your specific practice.


      Remote or onsite, our trainers make sure all staff are comfortable and knowledgeable with the system.

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      Have your questions answered as our experts walk you through the system with your custom forms. Have a unique configuration? Let's talk about it!

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      EMR vs EHR

      Which system is right for me?

      We use the terminology quite a bit, but what is the difference between EHR-EMR software systems?

      In most industry settings, the two terms can be used interchangeably. However, there are varying definitions between the two. Electronic Medical Records (EMR) are considered the local medical record shared between patient and provider. These are typically housed within a single practice and are not shared, but can be.

      Electronic Health Records (EHR) are considered to be the more complete medical record and are going to include patient information from multiple providers giving a more complete patient history.

      Feature EHRs EMRs
      Create and update patient records
      Track a patient’s medical history
      Lab data  
      Imaging results  
      Demographic data  

      An EHR software platform also facilitates interoperability, allowing practices to communicate patient information that is received as public health data. As legislation is added over time, we may see more definitive definitions and use cases for these two similar medical records systems. 

      With the InSync electronic health records platform, you don't have to choose. Providers can practice medicine in a single environment that is fully integrated across their practice with lab results, patient forms, and electronic prescription data at their fingertips. Billers can process claims faster with automated features that enhance profitability. Full interoperability, with everything your practice needs in a single system.

      The InSync EHR software allows for the completion of patient progress notes incredibly fast. This creates opportunities for more face time with patients and gets providers out of the software sooner so they can focus on diagnosis and treatment.

      Fully Integrated With



      The InSync EHR's fully integrated e-prescription software increases safety with medication history reviews at-a-glance. Providers treating pain management or substance use disorders can enable electronic prescribing of controlled substances (EPCS). Prevent doctor-shopping with a full pharmacological history and communicate with patients' pharmacies securely through our cloud-based interface.  

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      Unlimited Telehealth

      Easily schedule and host telehealth sessions from within the InSync EHR software. Patients may request telehealth appointments from the InSync patient portal. Take group sessions to another level with support for groups of any size. The InSync EHR telemedicine software enables providers to care for patients across the state or the country. Our configurable, fully integrated telemedicine EHR allows for telehealth services of all kinds to be implemented. Telemedicine, teletherapy, telepractice, and even telepsychiatry providers can find full functionality creating a care plan in which no patient is out of reach of your practice. With InSync's top-rated telehealth services, you can provide rural or immobile patients access to attend appointments remotely. 

      Telemedicine Software



      For inpatient residential facilities, the Electronic Medication Administration Records or EMAR allows for the safe dispensing of medication. By providing an easy-to-understand dispensing interface, the system ensures providers do not overlook important elements of medication management — all in the context of the patient record. 

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      And More...

      We offer EHR systems to healthcare facilities of all sizes, bringing features such as supervisor co-signatures, full medical billing, patient health information, reporting, and analytics along with a full suite of practice management and medical billing features. 

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      Get the latest healthcare news based on peer-reviewed research and our own exclusive interviews and research to get the full picture of today's healthcare news. 




      Productivity and Configurability

      The features and components of the InSync EHR don't just make your day-to-day lives easier, they make them more productive in the process. 



      3-Minute Notes

      Charting with InSync EHR software has never been easier. We're helping eliminate provider burnout by drastically decreasing patient encounter times. Now providers can rapidly progress through clinical data with ease while keeping the visit focused on what matters, the patient, not the drop-down box. 

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      Macros and Templates

      Take patient notes to the next level with productivity-enhancing features like patient note macros. Macros enable your clinicians to quickly note condition(s) accurately within the EHR software. These drop-down fields and checkboxes are fully configurable, allowing for patient notes as simple or as complex as you desire. Quick templates let you populate your patient note with preconfigured general diagnosis so you can work through the note faster.





      EHR Dashboard

      Every provider can refine and configure the EHR dashboard to meet their needs. Our friendly drag-and-drop dashboard interface allows providers to work the way they're most comfortable. If a provider later tires of the layout or has new responsibilities — possibly as a supervising provider in need of a cosigning queue — they can make those changes just as easily.  

      Mobile EHR Software

      Practice medicine and communicate more efficiently from the palm of your hand with truly mobile EHR software. With the InSync EMR software, you can work efficiently on any device with an internet connection. Providers love viewing their schedule from a day view on their mobile devices.  

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      InSync EHR FAQ

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