InSync eMAR

Proven to improve patient safety and drastically reduce the amount of time spent on documentation.

Facilities utilizing Electronic Medication Administration Records (eMAR) have documented a 33% reduction in medication administration errors and a reduction of 45% in documentation time. 


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Enhancing Medication-Assisted Treatment 

As the legal record of drugs administered to a patient is required, healthcare organizations rely on the eMAR as an important documentation tool for ensuring optimal care delivery and patient safety.

Mobile Friendly

Design to look incredible across all devices. From your laptop to your iPad and any mobile device in between.

HIPAA Compliant

Your patient health information is safe and secure with the InSync system.

Administration Schedules

Create personalized administration schedules for each patient.

Automating the Process

Here's how the InSync eMAR automates the process of distributing, tracking, and re-ordering medications and treatments.


The Physician completes the patient's order.

Once a patient encounter is complete the physician completes the patient's prescription order. Because the tool is accessed through the practice’s EHR, healthcare providers do not have to log into a separate function to monitor, track and record medication-related activities. 


The order interfaces into eMAR.

The order "talks" to the eMAR software to establish a record. 


The order is sent to the pharmacy.

From within the EHR the prescription order is delivered to the pharmacy electronically. 


A Nurse checks the order into eMAR.

Using the mobile-friendly InSync EHR interface a nurse will then check the order into the eMAR system as they prepare to administer the drug or treatment. 


The pharmacy processes the order.

The order is received and processed by the participating pharmacy. 


The Nurse administers the medication to the patient.

With the medication logged into the system, the medication or treatment can now be safely delivered to the patient. A permanent record of the delivery is on file. 


Clinical Efficiency

The InSync eMAR is equipped with sophisticated technology that enables close collaboration between care partners across the healthcare continuum and helps providers maintain compliance with the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services’ guidelines, which call for automatic tracking of medications from order to administration by using assistive technologies in conjunction with an eMAR.  



Auto Billing

Medication administration is automatically linked to billing.


Achieve quick reconciliation with medication administration reports.

Patient Photos

Allow easy identification with detailed patient photos.


Color-Coded Scheduler

You can eliminate missed and undocumented medications. Providers can see at a glance medications that are due, upcoming, overdue and/or vital to care plans as well as real-time alerts with easy to understand color coding.

InSync eMAR color coded scheduler for medication administration

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