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      Randolph-Elkins Health Department

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      By working with InSync Healthcare Solutions Randolph-Elkins Health Department turns around their productivity.

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      Elkins, West Virginia

      Located in Elkins, West Virginia, the Randolph-Elkins Health Department offers a wide range of public health services to those located in central West Virginia. Ranging from women's health, immunizations, infectious diseases, and more, Randolph-Elkins Health Department is committed to cultivating healthy lifestyles and investing in healthy communities. Frustrated with the inefficiency of the clinic's billing capabilities, the practice sought a user-friendly billing solution that would save time and improve reimbursements, which led them to implement InSync's practice management software at the beginning of 2016.

      • Much of their billing system was handwritten, resulting in significant disorganization
      • The practice would often fall behind in billing

      Using Paper for Billing Proved Inefficient

      For any medical organization to be successful, high levels of efficiency in all pertinent areas of the practice are imperative. For the Randolph-Elkins Health Department, the staff was, unfortunately, experiencing inefficiency in billing, mainly due to the handwritten system that was in place.

      Debbie VanPelt, who mainly works with the center's accounts payable and billing departments, said the organization was getting frustrated with their billing system and knew they needed a change.

      "We had to handwrite much of our billing in the past," Debbie explained. "We would be much farther behind and we had a hard time keeping up before InSync. It took us so much longer to take care of billing."

      Of course, billing inefficiency can significantly impact a practice because of its effects on reimbursements and overall revenue. Fortunately for the Randolph-Elkins Health Department, implementing InSync's billing solutions and integrating InSync's practice management software has simplified the billing process and provided a much more seamless workflow for the staff.

      • InSync's easy-to-use billing solution aims to reduce time spent on billing tasks while maintaining high reimbursement rates
      • Fully integrated with InSync's practice management software creates a seamless workflow
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      InSync Improves Billing Efficiency by 75 Percent

      "Now that we have all of the patient information in front of us because of the integration, everything is so much faster," Debbie said. "We're happy with the system. It's been great. It's cut our time significantly and it only takes a fourth of the time to do our billing."

      Debbie and the rest of the staff have been able to leverage InSync's user-friendly interface and easily take care of their day-to-day billing tasks.

      "Posting payments is so easy," Debbie said, "and I love the electronic payments where I can just check a specific button and take care of all of the payments."

      In addition to the easy-to-use solution, the Randolph-Elkins Health Department has also noticed a huge difference in communication and service from InSync's employees. Instead of being left waiting for answers, Debbie has appreciated InSync's transparent communication and prompt answers to their questions.

      "We compared other systems and there were just so many glitches and unanswered questions," Debbie said. "We like InSync's communications and if we have a problem, InSync is right on it. That may be the most important of the system because of the simple, transparent communication."


      • Practice spends a quarter of the time on billing compared to the old system
      • Staff can post payments at the click of a button, further increasing billing efficiency
      • The practice enjoys InSync's simple and transparent communication

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