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      Leguna Hills, California 

      bbk therapeutic services


      BBK gains a system that delivers the technology, functionality, and configuration they were looking for. 

      InSync's software is built to save money and time while helping BBK focus on its pursuit to effectively treat clients.

      BBK Psychotherapeutic Services is a non-profit community-based practice located in Laguna Hills, California. Since 2006, BBK has been committed to serving anyone who needs therapy. They emphasize family services, with a belief that most issues are rooted and solved within the family circle. After trial and error with various systems, BBK found InSync Healthcare Solutions. Since implementation, BBK has seen improved workflows in every function of its practice.

      Dave McDowell, BBK's Practice Manager, shared with us the issues they faced with their previous EMR and how the InSync system has helped progress the practice. 


      • Frustrations with their previous billing service.

      • Workflow errors that were created from outdated technology. 

      Manage your entire business through one system.

      BBK was originally using multiple vendors to run their billing, EMR, and practice management services. This was problematic because it disrupted their workflows and created room for internal errors.

      "We tried using our previous built in billing feature, but it was so convoluted and so prone to error that we had to give it up and get another 3rd party agency just to handle billing, so that was problematic and cost us money over the longer term."

      — Dave McDowell, Practice Manager 

      With any medical practice, it's crucial to have updated technology that helps organize daily operational functions. Using different products can create even more confusion on top of outdated technology. 

      With these pain points in mind, BBK chose InSync for its all-inclusive EHR system and practice management software plus healthcare revenue cycle management services. They were also impressed with the monthly release cycle of new features and product updates.

      The InSync software is also highly configurable so Dave was able to work with the implementation team to knock out everything on their workflows wish list. 

      BBK Psychotherapeutic Services office interior
      BBK psychotherapeutic services interior 2
      BBK psychotherapeutic services interior 3


      • Mobile platform.

      • Fully configurable to mold to what the practice needed in a system.

      • Stronger workflow.

      • RCM services.

      • Automatic appointment reminders.

      Mobility and an efficient workflow save time and money.

      "The [InSync] system forced us to become more disciplined in our workflow. For example, in order to complete an encounter, you must make sure proper information is gathered in an orderly fashion. It's caused us to utilize a more efficient process than we did before, which is a good thing."

      Dave appreciated that InSync also thought about configuring elements and functions that the practice did not need, placing only what would be used into specific workflows. 

      While InSync's workflow allowed BBK to create a new and more refined process, the software's mobile readiness also played a big role. Since BBK's providers spend a lot of time working outside of the office, the inability to access the EHR remotely would have been a deal-breaker. 

      "The ability to run the system on a mobile platform is very convenient. Being somewhat decentralized, we usually work from home or in non-traditional places. Being able to handle claims, scheduling, and encounter notes without being at a specific computer is great."

      Software development and improvement never stop.

      One of Dave's favorite functions in the InSync system came from a recent product release.

      "One of the best things InSync has done was in the last release, making the appointment reminders automatic. Previously, I would have to remember every day to manually enter notices."


      InSync has a consistent and rapid release schedule, and many of the monthly updates come from user requests and ideas.

      Taking advantage of Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) services lifts an immense burden.

      "Following up on certain claims and billing information takes time. Having a dedicated team of experts on the matter has become a huge time saver. We are actually seeing more payments since things aren't slipping through our fingers."

      With so many transactions and data points to keep track of, staying on top of billing and denial management can become a huge burden on a practice. If documentation becomes inconsistent, it can be costly. With InSync's RCM team, BBK was able to maximize revenue and minimize time investment. Payments and claims are all documented in the system and tracked by specific accounts.

      "With the ability to verify insurance on the fly, we are capturing co-pays better, and with RCM we are capturing insurance payments way more accurately."


      • The practice's organization has increased significantly with a more efficient and productive workflow.

      • Mobility has become integral to their daily process, allowing providers to work from anywhere on any device, at any time.

      • RCM responsibilities have been shifted to InSync, giving the BBK team more time to focus on patient care. 



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