E-Prescribing Software

Electronic prescription software safely and securely ushering your practice into 2021.

Make sure your practice is prepared for the January 1st, 2021 federal mandate deadline! Get fast, secure transmission for the electronic prescription of controlled substances data from your practice to the patient's pharmacy. Protect your practice while prescribing with a pharmacological history, drug interactions for your patient and more. 



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E-Prescribing Software 

The InSync EHR e-prescription software features a secure, HIPAA compliant connection between your practice and your patients' pharmacy. With a price estimator that gives a to-the-penny quote of the prescription cost. Something that 69% of millennials say heavily influences their choice of doctor. 

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Eligibility & Formulary Checks

See your patient's insurance status and prescribe the most cost-effective and efficient medication.  

Medication History

See all medications a patient has been taking to prevent cross-prescribing and drug abuse/misuse. 

APPRISS Integration

Safeguard your medical practice with PDMP technology to help prevent "doctor shopping."

Advanced Features

Modernizing medicine with advanced e-prescription technology.



Electronic Prescriptions for Controlled Substances

Safely order heavy narcotics by e-prescribing controlled substances once you successfully complete the authorization procedure. 



Electronic Prior Authorizations

Directly communicate with your patient's insurance company and track prior authorizations electronically in one fully integrated system. 

RTPB Real-Time Prescription Benefit


Real-Time Prescription Benefit

Both providers and patients can have a to-the-penny estimation of the cost for the prescription. 


January 1, 2021

Prepare your practice for new mandates

A new law goes into effect that states that prescriptions for all controlled substances covered under Medicare part D must be submitted electronically. Maintaining compliance with this new law protects your practice from fraud and doctor shopping. It requires 2-factor authentication as well as identity proofing. In order to prevent your practice from falling behind an electronic health records system or an integration with one is required.

Additionally, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services has mandated that Medicare Part D sponsors must implement an electronic real-time benefit tool (RTBT) capable of integrating with at least one prescriber’s EHR by January 1, 2021. 

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Medication Information Delivered.

Within the InSync EHR software, you can electronically prescribe medication, pull the educational information and email or print the document effortlessly. 


Drug Interaction Alerts

Stay informed

The system will alert you about allergies, foods and drug interactions. Reconcile the medication history for a patient to see all data.


One E-Prescribe System

One screen, one platform

With some systems, you get an e-prescription system that is actually a patchwork of information from several 3rd party providers. With the InSync EHR software, everything is housed in just one platform.


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