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      E-Prescribing Software

      Electronic prescription software safely and securely aids your practice and patients.

      Your growing medical facility demands a system that scales and grows with your business. With the InSync EHR, your providers can engage with patient pharmacies and collect vital pharmacological information before ever prescribing a potent medication. 

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      Fully Integrated Electronic Prescription Software 


      The InSync EHR e-prescription software features a secure, HIPAA-compliant connection between your practice and your patients' pharmacy. With a price estimator that gives a to-the-penny quote of the prescription cost. Something that 69% of millennials say heavily influences their choice of doctor. All of this value on a single platform with your EHR, practice management, medical billing & coding, scheduling, telehealth, and so much more.


      Access your patient's pharmacy from any device without needing an app.

      Fully Integrated

      Your e-prescribe software lives alongside your EHR, practice management, and more.


      The InSync EHR, and through it the e-prescribe software, is consistently updated. 

      EPCS Mandates

      Does Your EHR Meet These New Electronic Prescription Mandates?

      On January 1st, 2021, new legal requirements went into effect that stated prescriptions for all controlled substances covered under Medicare part D must be submitted electronically.

      Maintaining compliance with this new law protects your practice from fraud and doctor shopping. It requires 2-factor authentication as well as identity proofing. In order to prevent your practice from falling behind an electronic health records system or an integration with one is required.

      Additionally, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) mandated that Medicare Part D sponsors must implement an electronic real-time benefit tool (RTBT) capable of integrating with at least one prescriber’s EHR by January 1, 2021. 

      The deadline for compliance is January 1, 2022. On this date, all practices prescribing controlled substances under Medicare Part D will be required to do so electronically. The penalty for non-compliance is yet to be determined.

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      Safely prescribe controlled substances electronically with certified EPCS with the completion of authorization. 

      APPRISS Integration

      Safeguard your medical practice with PDMP technology that helps to prevent doctor shopping.

      Medication History

      See all medications a patient has been taking to prevent cross-prescribing and drug abuse/misuse. 

      Eligibility Checks

      See your patient's insurance status and prescribe the most cost-effective and efficient medication. 

      Safe Routing

      Route new prescriptions to community and mail-order pharmacies via secure electronic routing ensuring safety and efficiency.

      Prescription Renewals

      Two-way communication means you'll never miss another renewal request or response. 

      Request Authorization

      Pharmacies can securely and electronically message prescribers to request authorization to change a prescription.

      Interaction Alerts

      Before you send a prescription, get alerted for allergic, food, and drug interactions. 

      Electronic Prior Authorizations

      Communicate with your patient's insurance and track prior authorizations electronically in one fully integrated system. 

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      One System

      Some systems leave you with an e-prescription system that is actually a patchwork of information from several 3rd party providers. With InSync, everything is housed within a single system. 


      Medication Information Delivered.

      Within the InSync EHR software, you can electronically prescribe medication, pull the educational information, and email or print the document effortlessly. 

      e-prescription educational materials from the InSync Healthcare Solutions e prescribe software

      Drug Interaction Alerts

      The system will alert you about allergies, foods, and drug interactions. Reconcile the medication history for a patient to see all data.



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