Wisdom Traditions Health and Wellness Center

Anchorage & Wasilla, Alaska

Wisdom Traditions Health and Wellness Center is a cutting edge facility that has unified physical therapy, wellness and behavioral health counseling services in order to provide the best in integrational choices for their clients since 2006. “Wisdom,” as their clients have coined their facility, currently manages two offices in both Anchorage and Wasilla, Alaska, with a total of twenty staff. Priding themselves in their existing and forthcoming accreditations, the facility’s HR Director and CFO, Kimberly Hamilton, describes their services as “outside the box.” However, when she noticed that their prior EMR, practice management and billing system was hindering Wisdom from operating at their highest capacity, she recognized that they needed a change.    

Prior software was costing their practice more money than they were bringing in

Wisdom’s prior server based application was creating a disconnect between the scheduling and billing systems. The disconnection was time consuming – Kimberly and other staff members would have to physically complete a paper audit each time they wanted to see if a bill was missed. With clinicians already working overtime, every moment was valuable. Not only did their prior software cost them time that they could be spending with patients, but it also cost them revenue. Accounts receivables quickly became unmanaged, causing their practice to experience profit losses.

Wisdom needed a solution that could conform to their integrated, multi-specialty practice 

With two separate companies under one umbrella, it was imperative that Wisdom adopted a multi-specialty solution that could adapt to the needs of their practice. Seeking an affordable, cloud based solution, Kimberly was particular in her search. After appraising numerous different EMR and practice management vendors, she was frustrated to find that most solutions were only specific to one of their specialties or were too generic to be adapted to both specialties. Ultimately, she determined that InSync Healthcare Solutions provided the best EMR software to fit their practice needs. InSync’s software is specific to both physical therapy and mental and behavioral health, and was exactly what Kimberly was looking for to connect their two entities into one functioning practice. Wisdom implemented InSync’s EMR and practice management in July 2015 and went on to purchase InSync’s revenue cycle management services that following May, and haven’t regretted it since.

InSync created the connectivity they were seeking 

One year after adopting InSync’s fully integrated software solution, the practice has found that the troubles they were experiencing with their prior application have dissolved. InSync’s EMR has brought the practice the connectivity that they were looking for and has improved their collections and management of copays and coinsurance. “The connectivity of InSync – that’s the big difference,” Kimberly stated. InSync saves Wisdom time and money by allowing them to discontinue completing countless paper audits because all the information is held within the system.

Seamless implementation and support

Any major change in the day-to-day operations of a practice takes some time to acclimatize. However, the support from InSync put Kimberly and the rest of the staff at Wisdom at ease, further assuring them they made the right decision. Having chosen onsite training with InSync’s implementation specialists, Kimberly couldn’t have been more pleased with their experience. The onsite training allowed for a more customized training tailored to the specific needs of their practice.

  • InSync’s implementation specialist worked with Wisdom’s clinicians to ensure InSync worked with their practice
  • The software was easy to learn and adapted to their unique needs
  • InSync helped create content Wisdom needed for their clinical staff

The support that Kimberly experienced didn’t end when the onsite training ended. Kimberly said, “On many occasions I’ve sent out an email and copied [InSync’s implementation specialist] on it and next thing I know she’s on the phone with me and it’s, ‘Ok let’s get this scheduled. I’d like to work with you on that.’”

Cost savings

InSync’s fully integrated software solution was not simply something Wisdom purchased for their practice – it has become a part of their practice. Kimberly wanted to choose an EMR and practice management software that would be a shrewd financial investment for their company. Wisdom was thrilled that InSync’s affordable pricing enabled the software to become part of their company, and now one of their assets.

Since converting their paper charts to electronic medical records, the practice has seen significant cost savings in terms of time and money. The adoption of an EMR has simplified their practice, and has generated a 20 percent time savings. As an individual who wears many hats for the company, Kimberly also manages the office supplies, which is where a lot of the cost savings lie. Prior to adopting InSync, Wisdom’s paper medical records were very expensive. The reality is, all of the little things added up – the paper charts the inserts, the labels – and proved themselves to be very costly. Converting their medical records has brought a simplification to the practice, and rather than having providers waste time putting charts away, they can spend more time with patients now that everything is electronic.