Rhinebeck Foot Care

Rhinebeck, NY

Rhinebeck Foot Care has provided exceptional podiatric care to the Rhinebeck, NY area for the past five years. Dr. John L. Zboinski, one of the practice’s three physicians, is a board certified foot surgeon with nearly 20 years of experience, specializing in sports medicine and sports related injuries. Dr. Zboinski also greatly contributes to his community as an honorary police surgeon for the NYPD and a member of the New York State Podiatric Medical Association. In addition, the practice has four office staff.

The practice sought a cloud based EMR system that could grow with the practice

When Dr. John Zboinski determined his server based EMR was not meeting his needs, he went in search of a cloud based solution that could grow with his podiatry practice. He wanted his new system to be fully integrated with templates that could not only be customized to the needs of the practice but also to include many different specialties. After an exhaustive search, he determined that InSync Healthcare Solutions was the best program to fit the needs of himself, his four office staff, and the practice’s two other providers.

Previous system was rigid, static and cumbersome

With the practice’s prior server based application, Rhinebeck Foot Care was constantly experiencing system failure, unable to execute essential operations for as many as several days. To avoid these outages each time their system had a new update, the practice resorted to costly maintenance of a backup server.

The server based patient portal their vendor offered was cumbersome and not cost effective, so they were never able to fully implement the portal in their practice. As a result, the administrative staff was spending unnecessary time taking daily phone calls from patients requesting their records, printing them and sending them out to patients.

InSync provided a user-friendly EMR and Practice Management solution that increased productivity and profitability

Since implementing InSync in July of 2015, Dr. Zboinski and his colleagues have had more time to spend seeing patients and providing the best care possible. Having the ability to see patients sooner and spend more time with each one are two of the driving factors in the increased patient satisfaction that the practice has been experiencing.

“Implementation team did plenty of homework in trying to learn our workflow and our charting practices, and they tried to not mimic what we did but improve on what we did,” Dr. Zboinski stated. “I went one day from using my old EMR to using InSync the very next day. And I was able to just completely switch over to the new system because the implementation team was here to guide me and support me moving forward.”

The practice was able to seamlessly establish their patient portal, almost entirely eliminating the need for manually printing and sending out patient records. They have even received compliments from other practices on the completeness of patient notes and consultation letters, which Dr. Zboinski has attributed to the way InSync’s EMR generates notes. This has been an excellent marketing tool for the practice.

With the support from InSync Healthcare Solution’s implementation specialists, the practice is never on their own. The practice was able to continue on with their daily operations as the implementation team catered to their busy schedules, and improved on what the practice had previously been doing. Through studying their workflow and charting practices, and modifying previous templates, the practice was able to transition within one day.

“If we are ever having an issue with something that is happening with InSync that we don’t understand, we can send an email to the support team at InSync. Within 10 minutes we get a phone call telling us they’re working on it, or explaining to us what we are doing and they’ll show us an easier way to do it … So, the support is amazing,” said Diane Zweier, Office Manager at Rhinebeck Foot Care.

InSync put Dr. Zboinski and his practice at ease

Although Dr. Zboinski was nervous to make the switch to a new system, he is confident in his decision to implement InSync and believes it is the best EMR and practice management solution that will grow with his practice.

 “Our concerns that we had prior to implementation – they just disappeared. Once we started dealing with InSync, we had no concerns. [InSync] took our old templates and used that as a foundation for the new templates and then we went ahead and customized them, which was excellent and put me at ease after committing to the new EMR, and the worries that go along with that,” said Dr. Zboinski. “We were very happy and pleased once we started dealing with InSync how they addressed our concerns and took care of our needs. We continue to feel that way as we progress and continue to use more and more of the parts of the program.”