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 InSync Healthcare Solutions Streamlines Workflows Throughout Mental Health Practices.

We spoke to Jennifer Robbins, the Director of Behavioral Health, about her experience bringing InSync Healthcare Solutions into the practice and how it's changed things for the better.


Meet Recovery Works

 “To help people from all walks of life return to a sense of normalcy” - that is the goal of Recovery Works Northwest. Serving the Portland, Oregon area, Recovery Works Northwest is a certified alcohol and drug treatment center that combines both the use of current medically assisted therapies and intensive drug and alcohol counseling. The one-of-a-kind treatment facility aims to treat substance abuse with an emphasis on helping individuals build a solid platform for long-term sobriety.

The InSync EHR Increases Efficiency for The Entire Mental Health Practice

When Jen Robbins arrived at the practice a few years ago she quickly realized it lacked efficiency in critical areas. Much of that had to do with the practice failing to implement a fully-integrated system.

“When I came on a few years ago, the practice was all over the place using different processes for documentation, billing, and scheduling. It was just not efficient.”

The solution? Find EHR software that was capable of handling all three core functionalities. In her 20-plus years of experience in healthcare, Robbins thought it would be difficult to not only finding a system that fits that description but also discovering a solution that was behavioral health-specific.

Once she came across InSync Healthcare Solutions and its fully integrated, cloud-based mental health software, the decision was easy. In addition to the ease in which InSync scanned patient IDs and verified insurance, Robbins was also impressed with how it streamlined the entire scheduling process.

“How the scheduling was set up was really impressive – the ease of checking patients in and seeing everyone’s schedules. I was impressed by the simplicity, as well as the nifty touches I hadn’t seen before from other software.”


Increased Efficiency, Revenue Leads to 500 More Patients & Second Location

InSync’s mental health software was implemented at Recovery Works Northwest more than two years ago and the impact of InSync’s documentation, scheduling and billing has been significant according to Robbins.

"“It shows in our growth that InSync has helped make our office more efficient. When we started with InSync two years ago, we had about 150 patients. And now we have more than 650 patients. InSync has made the office more efficient and we’re able to bring in more revenue, which has led to us adding another location last year."

According to Robbins, if there’s one word to describe the high level of InSync’s customer support, it would be “accessible.”

"The accessibility stands out about InSync’s customer support. The minute I email anyone in support, I get something back immediately. For example, InSync’s billing service has made a huge difference for our practice. Compared to past ones we’ve used, InSync is very accessible and it’s had a significant impact on our revenue and our ability to reduce denied claims.”

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A Positive Response from Providers

The experience for providers has also been a positive one. Jennifer remarked on how the InSync EHR can be configured to meet the specific needs of the providers at Recovery Works.

"The experience has been really positive from our doctors. What I appreciate is that the things that we’ve asked for, they’ve done every single one of them. The service and support have been fantastic.”


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