Dr. John C. Purnell, MD, SC

To say Dr. John Purnell has dedicated his life to medicine and making people healthier would be a vast understatement. After spending some time overseas doing medical work for the military, Dr. Purnell eventually started his own practice in Pontiac, Illinois. His solo practice, which was the largest in the county at one point, has been a mainstay in the area since 1965. Frustrated with his prior healthcare technology company, Dr. Purnell began looking for other solutions and eventually decided to implement InSync Healthcare Solutions in October 2016.    

Vendor’s Coding Blunders Lose Practice $50,000

One might be hard-pressed to find a doctor more experienced than John Purnell.

An Illinois native, Dr. Purnell began his solo practice in 1965. While the practice has changed some over the years, it’s always been a solo practice, and while the current operation is small – two other staff members – Dr. Purnell is still seeing a steady flow of patients each day.

Although Dr. Purnell was seeing a lot of patients, he began to notice his reimbursements weren’t reflecting his work. Unfortunately, his prior healthcare technology vendor was no help.

“When you know you’re doing the work and the money isn’t coming in, you know something’s wrong,” Dr. Purnell said. “They didn’t code things like they should have and seemingly didn’t care about my issues with the company.”

“The money coming in from my week didn’t seem right,” he added. “I was seeing 100 people per week. I complained to the company about their coding and that nothing was being done to fix the situation.”

After some further investigating on the part of Dr. Purnell and his staff, the damage being done by his software vendor was quite significant.

“I estimate that in the period of time that I used the prior company, I lost $50,000. That’s a lot of money.”

The InSync Difference in Coding and Customer Service 

Frustrated with his prior solution – and for good reason – Dr. Purnell set his sights on a new EMR vendor to not only help increase his efficiency in the clinic, but to help sort out the coding fiasco from the other company.

InSync Healthcare Solutions filled that need for his practice. The cloud-based software company is also providing his practice with medical transcription and revenue cycle management services, in addition to their fully-integrated EMR and PM solution.

Specifically, InSync’s medical transcription services have been noticeably better for Dr. Purnell than his prior solution – his practice is no longer missing out on revenue due to incorrect coding.

“I first started using InSync for medical transcription,” Dr. Purnell said. “We transcribe and send it to InSync and get everything back the next day. The last company did not tell me how to organize my transcriptions, which has made a difference now with InSync. Insurance companies like to see organization and InSync taught me a pattern to use, which has helped out tremendously.”

“Since working with InSync in October, I’ve learned a lot about coding and I’m finally getting the financial reimbursement I should have received all along,” he added.

According to Dr. Purnell, the benefits of implementing InSync throughout his practice is more than just financial. He says the level of customer service is just as great.

“Anytime we call and question something, they’ve been great about informing me on what we should do,” Dr. Purnell said. “As opposed to the other company, where we put calls in and I could never talk to anybody who specialized in billing or coding. InSync not only helps answer our questions but also teaches us how to do things more efficiently.”

“InSync has been very good to me. They’re much more helpful than anyone else we’ve worked with.”