Fort Washington Medical Center

Fort Washington, Maryland

Located in Fort Washington, Maryland, just outside of Washington D.C., the Fort Washington Medical Center (FWMC) is a 37-bed acute center dedicated to serving the surrounding community. With more than 43,000 patients each year and around 400 staff members, FWMC is a service many rely on, making implementing the best healthcare technology services essential. Unfortunately, FWMC's medical transcription vendor was not meeting expectations and the leadership team sought to make a change, eventually switching to InSync's medical transcription service. 


  • Inferior technology provided a lack of transparency throughout the transcription process
  • Transcriptions and transfer summaries were very inefficient

InSync Delivers Superior All-Around Quality to FWMC

After arriving at FWMC earlier in the year as the Director of Health Information Management, John Cox quickly realized he needed to change the organization's outsourced medical transcription service. The disappointment in the service was mainly due to its inefficiency and inferior technology.

"They didn't have the same technology," Cox said. "We were always asking for reference numbers and other things. We couldn't hear the transcriptions well and couldn't see any of the changes that they were making if anything happened. They were using an old, old system, so we just had to upgrade to a different service."

The search for a new medical transcription vendor didn't last long. After hearing from InSync about its medical transcription service, John made a quick decision to go with the Tampa-based healthcare IT company.


  • InSync's medical transcription service employed its multi-document review system and monitored every step of the process
  • Dedicated coding experts worked with the practice to improve efficiency and save money

Significant Time and Cost Savings

FWMC has been using InSync's transcription service since May 2016.

"As soon as the doctor dictated and received a reference number, I could immediately see that in the system and even hear the dictation as well," said John. "What caught my attention was the quality of the software InSync uses, along with the fact that we can use it to."

"We focus in on our transfers since we handle a lot of those," he added. "InSync has always been on, in regard to getting our transfers summarized on time. We need them within two hours, and with InSync they're usually completed in an hour."

Along with the gains in efficiency that FWMC is experiencing with InSync, the medical center is also saving a lot of money as well. According to John, since switching to InSync's medical transcription service, FWMC is saving between $5,000-7,000 per month (a savings of more than 62%).

For John, his satisfaction in the system also lies in how InSync is always going above and beyond to provide high quality transcriptions. Whether it's InSync's unparalleled quality assurance (QA) process or superior customer support, John - and the entire FWMC staff - are thrilled with their experience using InSync's medical transcription service.

"Normally, there's only one level of QA for most services, but InSync provides two separate QA checks, which makes a big difference for us," John said. "And we couldn't interact at all on the old system and would have to rely on the customer service of the old transcription service. Not only does the entire staff feel comfortable interacting with InSync's support, with InSync, we can search for whatever we want and generate some great reports within the system. InSync is phenomenal."


  • Monthly savings between $5,000 and $7,000 after switching to InSync
  • Customer service and reporting capabilities superior to prior service

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