Children's Place, Inc.

Aiken, SC

Children’s Place, Inc. is a unique organization located in Aiken, S.C. With roots dating back to the early 1950s, Children’s Place, Inc. is a special place with a stated mission of protecting, healing and strengthening children and families from the impact of trauma in their lives through education, treatment and prevention services. Until recently, Children’s Place relied on paper for all of their clinical documentation and patient records. It was evident the organization needed to make a change, which led to their discovery of InSync Healthcare Solutions.

Finding an EHR to meet the unique needs of Children's Place

As a certified child care facility, Children’s Place seeks to fill the behavioral health care gaps that are plaguing the youngest of patients and their parents. The South Carolina-based organization provides a structured setting for families, offering services ranging from therapeutic child care, community-based prevention services, a strengthening families program and beds for babies initiative.

As the organization’s Clinical Director, Mary Helen Simons works in conjunction with the Child Care Director to train staff and tailor plans for kids. One of her biggest responsibilities is also overseeing a staff of six therapists that work with families, so she understands how important it is that their practitioners have the right clinical tools available to deliver quality care.

This led Children's Place to reconsider it's current paper system for patient records, clinical documentation and billing.

“We knew that EHR was the future and that it ultimately would be more efficient for our business to have the records be digital and no longer on paper,” Simons said. “Especially from a storage perspective. So it wasn’t really a matter of deciding whether to go to an EHR, but figuring out which system would be best for us.”

Given the uniqueness of Children’s Place – there’s only one other organization like it in the entire state of South Carolina – there was obvious concern that a search for an EHR would be difficult.

“I was worried about the forms we use being able to translate well into an EHR system because we are not a standard doctor office,” Simons said.

InSync's customization and support result in successful EHR transition

With all of this in mind, Children’s Place wanted to work with a larger, more reputable EHR company. Once coming in contact with InSync Healthcare Solutions, hearing stories from other clients eventually sold the organization on going with InSync for its EHR solution.

“We were put in touch with other business that use InSync and their satisfaction really sold us on how the software would be valuable to our organization,” Simons said.

“Overall, we’ve been really pleased with the efficiency and the organization of the product,” she added.

Although Children’s Place recently implemented InSync back in August, it was clear early on that the customization and behavioral health-specific capabilities would ease the concerns held by the organization at the beginning of their search.

“From the beginning, we’ve been able to customize everything,” Simons said. “While the printout view may look different, InSync has allowed us to translate all the information regarding treatment and assessment plans without issue, as we would have before when using paper.”

Just three months in, Children's Place knows the customization and accessibility from InSync will be of great benefit to the business both now and in the future.