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3 Strategies For Success with Online Reviews From Patients

By InSync Healthcare Solutions on Aug 27, 2020 8:18:23 AM

Online reviews can be a huge benefit or your practice's worst nightmare. Much of this depends on how your practice handles them. In this article we'll review the latest data on patient created reviews and how to manage them to get the best results from those reviews.

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Why You Should Outsource Your Revenue Cycle Management System

By InSync Healthcare Solutions on Nov 20, 2019 11:15:00 AM

Medical Practices are outsourcing their Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) to companies like InSync Healthcare Solutions - and in turn now have an efficient billing process, enhanced financial performance and heightened patient-to-provider relationships. Outsourcing your practice's Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) to an organization that specializes in that process can alleviate the tedious stress associated with having to deal with RCM while juggling the other responsibilities you are faced with.

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Essential Questions to Ask Regarding Revenue Cycle Management

By InSync Healthcare Solutions on Nov 7, 2019 11:30:00 AM

A key component of building a sound and reliable Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) is the ability to fully and effectively utilize a system to its maximum potential. Unfortunately, most practices do not understand how to maximize their RCM. Elements such as using Key Performance Indicators (KPI), collections, ICD-10, and other factors that are generally ignored by practices - could make a huge difference on how the software system in use can progress the practice.

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Properly Operating your Revenue Cycle Management

By InSync Healthcare Solutions on Oct 22, 2019 12:00:00 PM

A successful Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) stands on a transparent billing and collection strategy. Understanding common practice challenges for RCM requires strong integration throughout the entire organization.

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RCM Service Levels: What's the Right Fit for Your Practice?

By InSync Healthcare Solutions on Aug 7, 2019 9:30:00 AM

Unlike clothes, a one-size-fits all approach rarely works when it comes to healthcare software—and Revenue Cycle Management systems are no different. Before your practice decides which sort of vendor to rely on for these vital billing services, it’s important to identify which sort of partner is best equipped to meet your specific needs.

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The Future of Revenue Cycle Management

By InSync Healthcare Solutions on Apr 26, 2019 9:36:23 AM

Recently, InSync Healthcare Solutions CFO—Charles Hutchinson—was interviewed on the Outcomes Rocket weekly podcast regarding hot topics in the healthcare industry. A 20-year industry veteran, Charles has valuable insight into the biggest forces shaping healthcare in today’s world. Most importantly he notes the increased importance surrounding value-based care, especially in relation to mental health.

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Outsourcing Revenue Cycle Management:  The Best Solution for Claim Denials

By InSync Healthcare Solutions on Mar 13, 2018 1:52:21 PM

Revenue cycle management (RCM) is an important process for every medical organization in the country. It can literally be the difference in a practice achieving financial success or closing its doors. There are a few different ways to approach RCM, either with an in-house billing staff or outsourcing RCM altogether through a RCM vendor.

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Revenue Cycle Management  Basics: What Kind of “Rate” is Best?

By InSync Healthcare Solutions on Jan 22, 2018 1:52:33 PM

When it comes to revenue cycle management (RCM), companies throw around a lot of terms that sound fancy or important. Specifically, there are various “rates” that are important for healthcare organizations to understand in order to get the most out of its RCM or billing service.

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