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Battling the Coronavirus with Population Health Management

By Jonathan Monje on Feb 18, 2020 2:21:16 PM

The Novel (new) Coronavirus (nCoV) has spread from China to dozens of other countries—currently affecting more than 70,000 individuals. With the number of those contracting the virus quickly rising, it's important to understand what coronaviruses are, how to stay protected, and even how EHR systems are helping battle it.

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Are you really ready for EHR Software implementation?

By Jonathan Monje on Jan 8, 2020 8:35:06 AM

Are you fully prepared to implement your new Electronic Health Records software? Once you've evaluated business requirements and software options for your practice, and decided on the right partnership, you now face the most important step—implementation. 

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Capterra Awards InSync Top 20 EMR/EHR Mental Health

By Jonathan Monje on Dec 11, 2019 10:25:33 AM

InSync Healthcare Solutions has been awarded within Capterra's Top 20 EMR/EHR Mental Health Software Systems!

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These Toys are Likely to Cause Harm this Holiday Season

By Jonathan Monje on Dec 5, 2019 2:26:52 PM

Every month, The American Academy of Ophthalmology recognizes an period of time involving eye health topics.

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INFOGRAPHIC: Why EHR Vendor Support is Crucial for Ob/Gyn

By Jonathan Monje on Oct 30, 2019 10:05:39 AM

When it comes to Electronic Heath Records (EHR), healthcare organizations place a premium on quality vendor support - taking into account implementation, reliability, and overall efficiency. 

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How can Healthcare Benefit from Mobile EHR Software?

By Jonathan Monje on Oct 17, 2019 11:00:00 AM

Mobile devices are no longer just for patients, and with mobility growing in healthcare, it's important to understand why. That’s the reality of today’s healthcare industry as mobile technology continuously evolves with every passing day. Nearly 70 percent of clinicians use smartphones or laptops to access healthcare data.

Here are some of the biggest benefits to choosing a mobile EMR and PM software.

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InSync Rated #1 by Users on Capterra's Top 20 Best EMRs Report

By Jonathan Monje on Sep 27, 2019 11:30:00 AM

Insync Healthcare SOlutions is announced as a Top 20 EMR/EHR software product by Capterra!

Capterra is the leading online resource for business software buyers. They provide information and user reviews to help millions of people looking at systems make the best software decision. 

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Our Most Comprehensive Software Update Yet

By Jonathan Monje on Sep 24, 2019 10:18:26 AM

With an abundance of new practice management features added, we are excited to announce our biggest release of updates yet

To bring even more efficiency to your practice, InSync Healthcare Solutions most recent updates bring a plethora of features to help configure, automate, and provide transparency towards optimizing InSync Healthcare Solutions fluid interface - there is a lot to be excited about. 

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Why Healthcare Desires more Emphasis on Interpersonal Communication

By Jonathan Monje on Sep 19, 2019 12:11:00 PM

Within the IT healthcare industry, there is a lot of focus on technicalities through what a system can provide towards a practices workflow and overall efficiency. But the true underlying mission of an EMR system should not be held solely on providing benefit to help streamline services. It should focus on making sure that the system in use, first and foremost, alleviates time away from clinical work and allows hyper focus directed towards the patient and their well-being.

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