With scores of 95 and 91 out of 100, the InSync Healthcare Solutions software for telemedicine and mental health has been deemed a Category Leader by user reviews at GetApp. We're proud of this distinction because this isn't an arbitrary number given out from a journalist writing a review but from the actual users of our software.

GETAPP Category Leader in Telemedicine & Mental Health Software

We're very proud of our software. Our team works diligently to create the most stable and reliable healthcare software for our customers. Our fully integrated platform combines electronic health records and a robust suite of practice management software with features and configurability that are designed specifically for our customers. Which is why this recognition as a Category Leader in two categories from GetApp is that much more special. 

InSync Healthcare Solutions, a Telemedicine Software Category Leader

GA_Badge_Category Leaders_Full ColorWith the rise of the global COVID-19 pandemic, many of our users were faced with what may have seemed like an overwhelming challenge—to quickly and safely bring their practices online with telemedicine software. Luckily the InSync EHR software already had the necessary capabilities built into it from the start.

Our telemed software allowed healthcare providers to rapidly deploy telehealth services, like the healthcare providers in Manhattan during New York's peak of the virus. By having this capability, we were able onboard practices to telehealth faster than they expected, allowing uninterrupted counseling to patients when they were otherwise instructed not to leave their homes.

Being recognized as a Category Leader in Telemedicine Software is no small thing. Our users take time out of their busy schedules to review us and for that alone, we're truly grateful. The reviews have been overwhelmingly positive, giving us an overall score of 95/100. We're committed to being top tier for telehealth software and will continue to develop more features to grow with our users' needs. 

Continuing to be a Category Leader in Mental Health Software

GA_Badge_Category Leaders_PositiveIf there's a medical community that knows us best, it's those professionals specializing in behavioral health. Our software, much like the DSM, is always evolving and growing to meet the diagnostic needs of those who use it. Being a Category Leader in Mental Health Software means that we put into action the vital feedback given to us by our practices across the country.   

We're continuing to grow and expand our capabilities for providers in behavioral health. From adding unique functionalities like a patient check in kiosk, to providing reporting features required community mental health agencies, bringing them new levels of efficiency and productivity. Our commitment to mental health continues with court ordered therapy and drug test reporting for state level judicial systems, eMAR, and bed board management features. And we've got more great additions to the software coming in 2020 to enhance patient care. 

GetApp Category Leaders constitute the subjective opinions of individual end-user reviews, ratings, and data applied against a documented methodology; they neither represent the views of, nor constitute an endorsement by, GetApp or its affiliates.

InSync Healthcare Solutions

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InSync Healthcare Solutions is a top-rated medical software company focused on healthcare solutions for EHR/EMR software and practice management software. Supplementing that software with highly rated telehealth functionality, along with a dedicated patient portal and monthly updates adding and updating the technology. Additionally offering providers with services dedicated to medical transcription and revenue cycle management for all medical specialties.