Telehealth Reimbursement Expansions & Other Virtual Care Predictions for 2019

A recently published article on HealthLeaders Media asked healthcare technology leaders about their respective predictions for virtual care in the new year.

InSync Healthcare Solutions CFO Charlie Hutchinson was among those leaders who offered their thoughts on what 2019 has in store for telehealth technology.

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“In 2019, the biggest trend in telehealth will be the expansion of telehealth reimbursement—and adoption—thanks to 2018 legislation such as the CHRONIC Care Act. More opportunities will present themselves for doctors and other healthcare providers to finally leverage telehealth technology for higher-quality, whole-patient care. Telehealth platforms and applications that are interoperable with EHR systems will be especially valuable to providers across multiple specialties (e.g., primary care and behavioral health), given the increase in insight and communication telehealth will provide about a specific patient. With resources spread thin in many medical practices—due to financial constraints and regulatory compliance—enhanced clinical efficiency from telehealth tools will make it easier for providers to do their jobs well." 

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We've written a lot about telehealth on the InSync Blog over the past year - and for good reason. Telehealth technology is quickly becoming a popular tool across many healthcare specialties, thanks to how it lowers costs for health systems and patients alike, improves access to care for patients in rural areas, and helps facilitate better coordinated care for enhanced whole patient care.

Telehealth is positioned for even greater success in 2019. According to HealthLeaders Media, predictions from other healthcare leaders in the article all fell under "three distinctive banners that will spur growth" - reimbursement, expansion beyond direct-to-consumer models, and technological advancements.

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To read the full article and the rest of the virtual care predictions, click here.

We are excited for the future of telehealth in our industry and the role it will play in increasing access to high-quality care.

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