We've touched upon numerous in other blogs, switching EHRs is no easy feat.

Not only does it require a high level of research, careful planning, and practice-awareness, but also a number of factors mid- and post-switch. Ensuring that your staff—both administrative and clinician—is prepared for the change in software is an important detail. Training takes both time and patience, and a lack of it can result in frustrated employees and underserved patients. Budgeting a training time-frame into your timeline can help ease the transition.

Regardless, some of your staff may be unhappy with the idea of switching EHR systems. They may be comfortable with the known entity, despite its flaws, or they may simply be wary of the amount of time and effort that goes into choosing a suitable system. Unhappy employees are often time ineffectual employees, and pose risks like

  • Irreversible damage to your practice’s “brand”
  • Alienating your most long-term and loyal patients
  • Prevent potential hires from wanting to join your team
  • Cause others around them to be upset or disengaged in their work

These issues can hamper your practice’s productivity even with the switch to a newer, more effective EHR. In order to keep their morale up and their work-ethic healthy, it’s important to take their questions and concerns into consideration before settling on a system. Addressing items like:

  • Staff computer literacy
  • Role-based training that enables staff to figure out how the EHR will affect their specific workflow
  • Ongoing training that is maintained and led by “super users”, who will continue to educate staff after the system is implemented

If your staff is given a clear outline of what’s expected of them and how the system will work moving forward, the implementation process will run much more smoothly than if they were left flying blind.

By following these steps, you can help make your practice more efficient and productive, for both physicians and patients. And while remaining with your current EHR may seem the safest, steadiest course, keeping an outdated system can lower productivity, drain your finances, and even lower patient satisfaction.

If you're looking to switch your EHR system, check out InSync's fully-integrated system today, to see if it's a potential fit for your practice! Schedule a demo and see what we can offer you. 

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Laura Slade

Written by Laura Slade