Survey: Integrated, Specialty-Specific Systems Receive Highest Satisfaction Marks

The healthcare technology industry has grown exponentially over the last several years, with many solutions now available to physician practices. However, too many practices haven't deployed the right software to meet the needs of their business, and the results have been mixed across the industry.


Fortunately, according to a recent survey conducted by Black Book Research, one particular kind of healthcare technology is consistently receiving high satisfaction marks from its physician practice users - specialty systems.

The survey, in which Black Book Research received responses from nearly 19,000 physician practices, discovered that "specialist-centric systems lead small physician practice EHR satisfaction.

Furthermore, the survey also revealed that it's not only specialty-specific systems that are standing out, but single solutions that also integrate practice management, revenue cycle management and coding tools throughout its software.

"Single-solution offerings integrating electronic health records, revenue cycle management, coding and practice management tools are on track to maintain the foothold among specialty practices in 2018," said Doug Brown, managing partner of Black Book Research, in a release.

“It’s clear that even in this tightening and increasingly complex ambulatory EHR market, specialist-centric vendors that innovate through integrated EHR, RCM, Coding and PM tools are continuing to lead the small specialist practice market,” he said. “By providing a product that is a vital part of the users’ workflow, patient coordination and critical digital capabilities, independent and network-affiliated physicians can be successful in the value-based care environment through these systems.” 

Are you disappointed in your current EMR system? Or are you about to begin your first-ever search for an EMR software? Finding the right technology for your practice is paramount to your practice's overall success. Not only can the right system maximize efficiency, but it can also help you deliver more quality patient care, leading to greater long-term success.

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