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      September 2021 EHR & Practice Management System Update

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      Keeping up with constantly changing industry standards and innovations is no simple task for medical practices today. This is especially true of providers' electronic health and medical record software, which requires frequent updates in order to remain current. At InSync Healthcare Solutions, we deliver a consistent cycle of new and improved features that keep practices compliant and providers efficient. Below is an overview of features and EHR updates for September 2021.

      September 2021 Updates to the InSync EHR Software

      Featuring the latest in EMR/EHR and practice management software technology, here are the highlights of this release:


      Automatically Alert Patients of Waitlist Openings

      This patient-friendly waitlist enhancement allows you to automatically send notifications to patient-portal users to notify them when slots in a provider's schedule become available. Also, you can now set search parameters for sequential appointments to identify a provider's availability on specific days of the week within the next few days, weeks, or months as shown below. Whether for single or sequential appointments, the patient portal user can then either confirm or decline the booking(s). 

      InSync EHR appointment waitlist screenshot

      Co-Sign Treatment Plan Letter 

      This is for providers who wish to send a treatment plan letter for a co-signature without having to also send the encounter note. A care plan note can now be sent separately from the encounter note for a co-sign. 

      Attach Co-Facilitators to Group Appointments

      You can now add co-facilitators to group appointments, which then enables you to increase the number of patients allowed for a group session. For example, in the Scheduler Setup, let's say you limit a group to a maximum of 10 patients for a single facilitator (as shown below). But if you add two co-facilitators to the group, you could then add up to 20 more patients.

      InSync EHR co-facilitators workflow screenshot


      Automatically Mark Visits as Billable or Non-Billable

      You can now automatically designate an appointment or encounter as billable or non-billable based on the program and/or place of service (POS). You can set the billable priorities for the program, POS, space, or location, then the encounter type.


      Generate Multiple Claims in Bulk

      A huge time-saver, when you go to the Claims screen, you can now generate batch claims – which is much faster and more efficient than generating one claim at a time. After clicking on the Generate Batch Claims button, you can select one or more claims. This will produce a Batch Claim Generation Summary (as shown below) and includes explanations for claims that are not generated successfully. 

      InSync EHR bulk claim generator screenshot

      Post Patient Payment for Selected Claims

      This feature saves you clicks by eliminating the need to switch between the payments and claims screens in order to collect and post a patient's claim balance. Now, you can select the claims you want to post for a patient's payment from just the Payment Receipt screen.

      Benefits include:

      • Users can select multiple claims or line items on which patient payment needs to be posted once payment receipts get saved
      • Users can see claim and line balance to post, based on collections
      • Users can modify the amount of posting on a claim or line item
      • Claims display in ascending order (FIFO method) while showing the claim selection

      InSync EHR payment receipt screenshot


      There are times when patients make payments on claims that are later covered in full by the payer. Previously in such cases, the user had to delete the patient payment on the claim before they were able to post an insurance payment, meaning the biller was required to manually transfer the patient's payment to their unapplied credit. Now, the system automatically moves the patient payment posted on the claim to the patient's unapplied credit when the insurance payment is posted manually. Already available for electronic postings, this enhancement extends the scope of this feature to apply to manual and batch payments.  

      Remove Patient Name from Invoice

      For payers who, for privacy reasons, don't want the patient's name to appear on invoices, you can now remove a patient's name from the invoice when printing it.  From the Electronic Filing & Paper Claim Details screen, simply click on the Send Invoice and Hide Patient Name on Invoice checkboxes (shown below). 

      InSync EHR patient invoice screenshot


      If you're not yet an InSync Healthcare Solutions software user but would like to see any of these new practice management features for yourself, please schedule a customized demo. Our experts will answer all of your questions and demonstrate any functionalities you'd like to view.

      Schedule A Custom Demo


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